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Monday, May 31, 2010

All Covered Up

Courderoy Blazer- Suzy Shier
High Neck Sleeveless Top-Winners
Jeans- TJ Maxx $7
Purple Shoes- Aldo

This is what I wore a few days ago...the weather was horrible..but I wanted to wear colours that made me this is what I threw on.
I am VERY excited to say that as you read this (this is a scheduled post) I will be on my way to Calgary with Vyla to pick up Brody from the Airport....the only is that Brodys flight doesn't land until 10:30ish on Weds night.  So the other very exciting part of this is that I am going to be spending a few days with my favoritest friend Brianna...(yes I picked a favorite....but she's earned it!!..haha)  Another VERY exciting thing is that I have my $100 Aldo Gift card from Vyla to spend there....and of course I'll have alot of other shopping to do....can you tell that I don't get to the City much??  Also whilte I'm there we are going to (finally) see SATC 2...and dress up all pretty just to go see it...(here in Cranbrook that would likely be frown upon..haha)



Wow! These are the 2nd pair of purple shoes that I've run across today!

I must get myself a pair, pronto!
Vyla is beautiful, I just read her stair climbing episode!

Kimberellie said...

This outfit is great. I love the colour of that jacket. Awesome you get to see your husband soon!!!!!!!

Oh, dressing up pretty for SATC 2 sounds FUN! Must do that myself. Oh, I know some people in Cranbrook...I wonder if they know you!