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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

All Tied Up

Blouse- Winners
Shorts- Joe Fresh
Sandals- Old, bought in Puerto Rico
Hat- Winners
Ring- Self Made (But it here)

I love these shorts...but it drives me crazy that after I've worn them for a minute they're already wrinkled.  I wore these shorts sooooo much last summer because they have an elastic waist and I was preggo at the time.  They're high waisted and meant to be worn with a shirt tucked in and the tie belt through the loops covering the I used the tie over my shirt instead, because the shirt looked silly tucked into the shorts, and I love defining my waist (otherwise the shirt balloons out and make me look preggo).  Now onto the shoes..these pictures probably don't show them the greatest...but they have a very thick I sometimes wonder if they're a bit too clunky (Think late 90's Spice Girl Heels).....I don't want it to look like I'm wearing bricks on my feet!  Now onto the hat...I just picked it up at Winners yesturday...I fell instantly in love with it because it has gold threads running throughout (wish I got a detail pic).  And finally my love love it..which is suprising since I usually hate pastels (or as Brody would say Paste-ells)...but with the details on the neckline I couldn't resist (and neither could Vyla...she kept coming over to me and played with the beads...well more like tried to pull them off the shirt).


Brianna said...

Totally wish I could pull off that hat!

Kimberellie said...

Yes, the shirt is so pretty! I really love this outfit. And just says: summer! I know what you mean about defining the waist! Totally, after not having a waist for nine months you really miss it, hey?

E said...

How pretty! I love the muted colors and the touch of bling on your collar!