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Friday, May 14, 2010


Floral Beach Cover-Up-Winners $16
Navy Silk Dress (Worn Underneath)-Joe Fresh $2
Sandals- Sirens
Double Finger Ring- Self Made (Buy it here)

So this dress is actually meant to be a beach cover-up....but with a slip dress underneath it becomes the perfect summer dress.  Such a perfect dress that I even managed to get myself a handful of compliments on my outfit today!!
Yay I finally bought myself a tall tri-pod!!  And the best thing about it was it only cost me $20 at Liquidation World!!  Goodness I love that much that I once again took a picture of my fabulous finds!

Top Row: Tri-Pod $20
Middle Row:  "Custom Made" Gift Tags $2.88 (Cute Cardboard Tags I can attach to things that I make when I give them as presents), Fiskars "Stamp Factory" $9.88 (Some Gadget I can use when making Cards),  Window Cleaner $2.88 (I'ts an Environmentally Friendly Product that leaves no trace on earth...apparently)
Bottom Row: Fimo Clay Sets (2 of them) $3, Goody "Spoodles"(2 of them) $1 (Hair Rollers)

OK so now I have a confession...Such a horrible person I am...Last night I was checking our On-Line Visa Statement to see if a transation had went through...and I came across a charge for $100 from Aldo Shoes in Montreal.  For a second I thought that maybe someone had came across our Visa number and desided to go shoe shopping in Montreal...since we live no-where near there...but then I figured it out.  I had told Brody that I was hoping that Vyla would buy me Shoes for Mothers day, not when the flowers showed up I was a bit of a brat..and reminded Brody that Vyla was suppsoed to buy me shoes, not flowers...(I was half joking tho....only half)...well it turns out Brody had listened to me the first time..and had Ordered me an Aldo Gift Card along with the now I must patently wait for it's arrival...and untill then I will just have to drool over their shoes on the website (keeping a safe distance from our keyboard...).

Here are some more pictures of Vyla...the top 2 were taken Mother In-Law and I were planting some shrubs infront of our Vyla hung out on the lawn.  At times she would try crawling over onto the Pavement...and it was quite cute...because the pavement hurt her knees she would stand up on all fours and crawl like that...

These Bottom 2 Pictures were taken today...while I was outside taking my pictures she was standing up against our patio door...unfortunatly I got alot of reflection in these pictures.
I don't know why I even bothered washing these windows last night!?!

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Love the sequins, and your baby is so beautiful.