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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dressing for the Season

Lace Dress- Self Made
Pink Slip- Present from Bridal Shower
Green Tights- The Bargain Store
Shoes- Joe Fresh
Trench- Suzy Shier
Pink Ring- Self Made (Will post on Etsy soon)
Necklace- Self Made

So I'm quite sick of cold's supposed to be spring.  I remember hearing somewhere (or reading) that a person should dress for the season, not only the weather...and I was thinking it seemed a bit impossible when the weather is making me think it's still winter and I just want to throw on all my dark "winter" clothes...but I decided to try my best and this is what I came up with.  I'm super in love with this outfit...I didn't expect it to turn out so well.  This is a colour combo that I was not expecting to like so much..but I love it....light pink with hunter green looks fabulous together!!  Well that's my opinion...the only thing I'm a bit uncertain about is whether the fact that my tights and shoes are so dark in contrast to the rest of the outfit....thoughts??


Kimberellie said...

This is my fav. look of yours yet. Love the contrast. Beautiful. And I love your hair like this!


I'm in agreement with Kimberellie on this one. Love, Love this look, an dyour hair is stunning.

Fifth Sparrow said...

You look gorgeous in this! I love the hair, dress, printed's all perfect! xx