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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fabric/Bead Necklaces

Here are the rest of the Fabric Necklaces I was working on...
This first one is the largest of them I figured I would show a picture of it on...I can either wear it lower on the neck or up high.  It is made of Blue/Purple/Brown/Black/White printed fabric with a variety of glass beads.

This second one is made of Leopard Print Fabric with purple sead beads, pink shell beads shaped like leaves, and long skinny purple with gold glass beads.

This last one is made of white lace with a few different types of beads (Shell Shaped into Leaves, Plastic Flowers, and Glass Sead Beads), and Blue ribbon.

I love finding new uses for my Scrap fabrics because I certainly have alot!!!

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Shop T.O. Live said...

Oh wow. The necklaces are fabulous. They are so unique and creative. I really like fabric necklaces in general because they can be bold but still casual enough to wear everyday.

Also, I'm so happy you're posting pics of your baby - she is adorable. (..I'm having a bit of 'baby fever'!)