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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Floral Coral

Tan Blazer- Ricki's (Quite Old)
Coral Blouse- Winners (Clearance $11)
White Jeans- Winners
Belt- Winners
Tan Shoes- Aldo
Ring- Self Made (Will post on Etsy eventually)

So I'm thinking it's becoming quite obvious that Winners (The Canadian Version of TJ Maxx and Marshalls...they're all run by the same company)  is my favorite store to shop at.  Where I live there really isn't much in order to find fun stylish clothing Winners is the best store to go to because everyday they get in new things at discounted prices... Now that we're moving 13hrs away the closest shopping is over and hour and a half away...and there is NO Winners the closest shopping destination with good stores and selection is 2.5hrs away...oh how will I ever survive?!?  It's a good thing that I sew...and I have a VERY LARGE stache of fabric to get used up...because there are also no Fabric stores where we are moving.  I figure this move will at least be good for our bank account!!
This is what I wore yesturday...not untill after 5pm yesturday though...because I stayed in my PJs untill then...I sat around being miserable all day long...I will blame it on the weather (there was snow on the ground when I woke up)..and the fact that I'm so terribly lonely with Brody gone.  Yes Vyla and Breea (our dog) do keep me busy and entertained...but unfortunatly our conversations are mostly one way...and consist of me saying "Aww you're so cute"..."Aww I love you soooo much"..."He He He you're so funny" which I sometimes get a response (a very high pitched squeal or gobbly goop from Vyla...and licks and kisses all over the face from Breea).  So finally at 5pm I got motivated to go to Walmart and get some fabric stiffener because I had an inspiration...which I will post one day if it turns out!


Kimberellie said...

excited about your fabric stiffener idea! Whatever it is! You've got me intrigued! And I ADORE this look. BAM to those white pants! I too, am a lover of Winners.

Sucks about you moving to the middle of nowhere. And I am sorry you had one of those days. I have them, and I have a husband around!! That must be SO HARD. I mean, I get lonely just during the day if I don't have plans! I can't imagine no husband to talk to 24/7!

Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

You can always call your fab sister in law!!! And I love this outfit! Don't worry, you can cut off a half hour off your trip to winners, besides, what's a couple hours drive for you to look fab? I will go!


One of my very favorite colors. A super pick me up out of the dumps color!
You look great!
Just purchased your black lace ring!!!! Can you hear me squealing all the way from Massachusetts?