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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Blush Top- Winners
Jeans- JC Penney
Floral Belt-?? Old
Floral Shoes- Joe Fresh $2
Ring- Self Made (Buy it here)

Yay!...the weather is FINALLY warming up again...time to roll up my pant legs and ditch the jacket...very exciting!!  I can not express how much I LOVE warm weather...winter is way too long and cold for me.  Whenever Fall comes around I tell Brody that the only thing positive about Fall/Winter is Fall fashion...he just shakes his head at me. 
So I know this isn't a Baby Blog...but I keep getting really cute pictures of Vyla...and with Brody being so far away it's an easy way for me to show him cute pictures of her.  I do text him a few pictures a day usually..but he did mention that the pictures I've put on my blog are much better/easier to see.  So here are some pictures I took of her today...

Playing with herself in the mirror...
...posing for the camera...
...she was (open mouth) kissing herself...unfortunatly she pulled away as I took the picture.


LaToya said...

Hi! Found you thanks to weardrobe! What a sweet outfit you put together! I love the belted top especially! And what a darling kiddo!!

Kimberellie said...

first: LOVE this look on you! Totally awesome perfect and springish!!

second, I see you use the same diapers as us! Totally a great deal, hey? You literally get twice as many for HALF the price of regular (huggies/pampers) diapers.

also, your daughter is ADORABLE! And such an early stander!! What a little genius!

Kerri said...

Love your outfit and I LOVE those shoes!! Vyla is sooo cute. haha Piper always makes out with herself in the mirror too.

Fifth Sparrow said...

Such a gorgeous outfit and baby! I love the blush tones and Vyla is adorable! xx