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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Goatmeal Crisp

Leather Jacket- Zellers
Oatmeal Shirt- Reitmans
Belt- Came with Shirt
Jeans- Ross
Shoes- Old Navy
Ring- Self Made (Will be added to my etsy shop soon)

Have you ever seen the "Oatmeal Crisp" Comercials where the Man adds a "G" to the "Oatmeal" and says "Goatmeal Crisp...but you won't like it"...well my in-laws seems to think the "Oatmeal Crisp" commercials are the funniest commercials whenever I wear something oatmeal coloured that's what I think of.
Can you tell that I'm in LOVE with these sandals??? I bought them a few years ago at Old Navy on clearance for $11...and I had been looking for some heels in that style at the they were absolutly perfect...I didn't wear them much..I don't know why...but now I can't seem to wear them enough!...I've seen quite a few designer shoes similar to these with price tags of $500+...I always wonder how a person can justify spending that much on a pair of shoes when there are much cheaper alternatives....they better be $489 more comfortable!!  I will admit tho..I do have dreams about really expensive shoes...but I'm still waiting for them to come untill then I will prance around my house in my $11 heels!

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