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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Good Bye Late 90's early 00's

So today I was going through some bins that my Mom had given to me when we moved into our house in Cranbrook...they were full of my stuff from my bedroom and the craft room.  The one bin was full of my clothes and shoes from the "Spice Girl" era.  I always tell people how much I HATE purging my clothes and shoes because I remember going through my Moms pictures from the 70's and being quite upset with her for not holding onto so many of her shoes and I was always determined to hold onto as much of mine for my future daughter (who of course now exists)....and of course some of these things I might want when these styles come full circle...  In reality though I have SOOO much clothes and SOOO many shoes that it doesn't really make sence to keep it I came up with a guideline...that if it was unflattering, stained, unrepairable or just plain horrible it had to go.  So here are the shoes that I am was thinking of saying good-bye to...but now I'm starting to have second thoughts...well actually truth be told no matter how horrible some of these are I have good reason to keep them...and actually refuse to let them go....

1.  These babies can go...why??  Well the wedge heel has started to ripple from pressure...and the huge heel is quite unflattering..especially when you have chicken legs!
2.  These ones are staying...I'm sure you're all wondering if I've possibly lost my mind (perhaps due to the fact that both sequins and denim have made a comeback?!) that's not the reason...I think of these shoes more as souvenirs because I purchased them in Hong Kong on a family vacation in Asia.  I will be completely honest though...I did infact wear them quite a few times...once with flourecent green flared pants I had my Mom make me...oh I shudder at the memory (girls even made fun on me as I walked by at school...but I thought I looked pretty good)

3.  These are also staying because they were purchased in Signapore on that same trip.

4.  These I am uncertain about because in some ways they almost remind me of some pretty cool shoes I've been seeing lately...(Nicholas Kirkwood sculptural heels perhaps)...but then the heel is so chunky...and maybe slightly unflattering on my chicken legs...

5.  These are staying as well...they were a purchase from Seoul Korea...well actually some of our friends there bought them for me because I loved them soooo much.  I do still love some things about them (the colour, the faux croc)..but the heel is made of black foam...and the closure is velcro...maybe I can get away with wearing them with pants that cover the velcroness?!?
6.  Good-Bye Sporty Spice...these can definatly go...they have scuffs all over them...and the style is completely NOT me!

I guess it's time for me to go through the clothes in the bin...the question is...should I show pictures of the horribleness...or maintain at least a little dignity?


Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

Haha I vote for throwing dignity out the window! I would LOVE to see what you have in your tickle trunk of old clothes! I'm hoping its tomorrows post!

Snappy-Q said...

I love it! I just got rid of some old clothes too, and as I was doing it I thought"maybe I should hang on to them in case they come back in style". But I hate having clutter around so I decided to be ruthless and just do it.
And I agree, you should post some pics of the stuff you are ditching.

piccola samurai said...

Me too!!! I would love to see more of the stuff you're ditching!
When I throw away something that is not flattering/fashionable/etc Iam not so brave as to take pictures and share it! So, hats off for your courage!

Melrose said...

haha pictures please!!!! this was so entertaining and brought back so many memories! I definitely have a collection of crazy platforms somewhere too! *sigh* good times.