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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It Goes

Striped Cardi- Joe Fresh
Top- Winners
Jeans- Ross
Shoes- Sears

So nothing in this outfit matches...but I'm thinking it all "goes".  In my past life I would have never worn these items together (shoes, cardi, and shirt) because I would have thought that a striped cardi would only work with a basic t-shirt...not a girly blouse...the girly blouse I would have only worn with other girly pieces...and these shoes I would have only worn with hippyish looking clothes (flares and a hippy blouse).  I can't believe how stuck in a bubble I was...before I would have thought this outfit was very far I look at it and it almost seems boring..haha...all I can say is I'm so glad my bubble has popped!!


Kimberellie said...

Yes, it does indeed "go". I love it. Isn't it funny about that too? I was thinking the same thing the other day about a skirt. How before I would just wear only a black tank with it!!!!

Oh, how fashion talented we are all becoming!


Loving the striped cardigan especially with the belt.
The pop of color lights you up too!
BTW, received the black lace ring, very pretty!

Brianna said...

I love the girly blouse. It's a gorgeous color on you!

Thank you for commenting on my blog, I hope you follow. I will be following your blog :) love what I've seen so far!

Fifth Sparrow said...

ok, I LOVE your pink top! And it looks so good with the stripey cardigan. I love when you suddenly see things in a different way and can make a million new outfits, it feels like such a big achievement!

Brianna said...

This is a great outfit, all different but going together perfectly. I think its fun to look back and see how we've grown in so many ways, not just clothes! But the clothes can definitely be interesting to look back on!

Leia said...

that blouse.... YUM!