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Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer Brights

Silk Top-Zara
White Skirt- Self Made
Shoes- Nine West
Necklace- Present From Brianna
Ring- Self Made

Oh how I love the bright colours of Summer...they make me oh so happy!  I know I've mentioned a million times how much I love warm weather...but it's the truth..and I just can't stop myself from mentioning it again.  The only issue I am having is that I have nothing to do.  In fact I'm starting to get very frusterated....Brody may have already moved away, but I haven' why is it that I am SO forgotten about?!?! Or why is it that I (almost) always have to make the's soooooo frusterating...but that's enough venting...time to go for a walk with Vyla and Breea (the dog) since they LOVE to hang out with me!!!

This is what happens to my shirt when there's a slight breeze..

PS. What do you tied back or hair down?? Not that it really matters since I've booked a hair appointment for tomorrow.


Brianna said...

You look fabulous in summer clothes, so of course you love summer. Of course since you look good all year round that may be a little redundant... Absolutely love that top!
I was planning on visiting you for my two days off and then got brutally sick and decided that the last thing you and Vyla needed was to be sick and miserable together...

Leah said...

You look gorgeous both ways... hair tied or down. And I love your top... it has the best summer colors that I love. xoxo

Snappy-Q said...

Oh you look so summery! I love summer colours too. It must have to do with living in Canada and having to deal with the cold winters, but I think it makes us appreciate the warmth that much more!
I like your hair up, it looks sophisticated.

Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

I love your outfits! Always great! I especially love your dress from yesterday! I also think that you should have a daily post of what Vyla is wearing because her Auntie loves seeing how darn cute she is!