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Monday, May 3, 2010

A Touch of Tourquois

Boot Details (Sorry it's slightly blurry)
Dress- Self Made
Black LS Tee- Walmart
Tourquois Scarf (as belt)- I think I stole it from my moms bag of old scarves
Tights- ??
Boots- Avon Catalog
Necklace- Reitmans
Ring- Self Made (Buy it Here)

I'm not too happy about the fact that I'm still wearing outfits meant for winter time!!!  Seriously Canada it's supposed to be spring!!  So these boots I'm wearing I ordered a few years ago from an Avon Catalog....when I tried them on the boot legs were soooo large that they pooled at my ankles...thank goodness I sew...I ended up taking them in alot..and now they fit great...the only thing I'm not too sure if I even like I was thinking of cutting them off at the ankles and making them into some cool booties..I was thinking of adding ruffles or studs or something fun...and then I was thinking maybe I could just make them so I can add different attachments to them..and maybe I should make them so they fit with my thigh high spats I made (seen here and here)  I guess I have alot of options...any suggestions??

Guess what showed up on my doorstep today??
...These roses!!  Ok so they didn't just show up...I was sitting in the living room and got a call from the flower shop wondering if I was going to be home for a bit because they had some flowers to deliver.  I had nooo idea who would be sending me flowers on such a random day....
When I read the card it all made sence.  Last night I was complaining to my Husband (who is currently living 13 hours away...we're in the middle of moving) about how I'm sick of being a single mother...because I was feeling quite sick last night and all I wanted was to have someone there to stay up with Vyla untill she was ready for bed so I could sleep. 
So yes the roses were from my Husband...thanking me for all the hard work I've had to do without him sweet eh??  Who would have expected that the Man who "Forgot" to buy me a Card for our Anniversary this year (but did take me out for dinner) would randomly buy my flowers!!...I was quite excited tho...Brody you do realize now that I am going to be expecting random flowers alot more often now?!?



I can't believe you sewed boots.. WOW.
How about attaching mink fur to the front of the boot?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Lance should take notes from Brody, haha!

Kimberellie said...

LOL. Yes, random flower expectations! I understand! That is so sweet of him, though! How thoughtful! And I love the dress you made. You are so talented! As for the boots, I like the booties idea. I've been wanting booties myself but can never find a pair that fits!

Daphne said...

I think this is my favorite look you have posted so far. Love the colors. Your husband is so sweet. Those roses are really pretty.

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Aaaaww, thats so sweet of him to send you flowers!

I love the pops of turquoise btw!