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Sunday, May 23, 2010


Shirt- Self Made
Jeans- American Eagle ($15 at LW)
Shoes- Nine West ($13 at Ross)
Ring- Self Made (Buy it here)

Ugh is all I can say...I HATE computers...I bought a new one today...I'm sure it's an amazing computer...well it better be for the price I paid...but the thing is I have NO idea how to run the silly thing.  All the programs are's not letting me upload my pictures from my camera card like I used to...and it's all getting to be quite annoying.  Usually when I uploaded pictures from a SD card I was able to select which pictures to upload..but on this new computer the only choice it gave me was to make a CD or upload (ALL) my in order to get about 20 pics I wanted onto the computer I had to download all 400 that were on my SD card!!!!  And then it was time to make new folders and figure all that out (which I finally did..not too complicated thank goodness)..and then time to crop and edit...well everytime I went to crop my picture it wanted to "save as" the file the name "Picture XXX-cropped" so then I'd have twice as many pictures...and all I want is the cropped everytime I wanted to save an edited picture I had to remove the word "cropped"...ugh!!!! 
So I had said I was going to get a computer in the States tomorrow...but I ended up getting one in town since it was on sale...and by the time I added the taxes I'd have to pay at the border and the dollar conversion it was going to cost me just as much if not more in the now that means I have more time to shop for fun things like clothes and shoes tomorrow when I head to Kalispell.  Perhaps I'll pick up a photo computer program that will make this process alot easier... when I bought my computer...the sales guy rang in the wrong computer......perhaps that was his way of getting an "upsale" "accidentally" selling a customer a more expensive (but with less features) computer.  I did mention to him that I knew absolutly nothing about computers**...and maybe played up my stupidity a little too much...possibly to the point that he thought I would never notice if he sold me a $200 more expensive computer.
Ok so maybe I should mention this outfit...this blouse I made out of drapery fabric...I have a thing for making clothes out of drapery fabric...infact the white skirt I wore a few days ago was also made of drapery fabric.  OK that's all I'm mentioning about my outfit...since the rest is quite basic.

**I did know what computer I wanted though because my Dad is SMART when it comes to them, so after browsing through a bunch of flyers he determined which computer was the best one for me to purchase..which is the one I told the sales guy I wanted....I even pointed to the picture in the flyer for his benefit...and procceeded to ask him multiple times while we were looking at the display computer if it was infact the same as the one in the flyer...he replied "yes" each time....


Kimberellie said...

Totally lame about the attempted "upgrade". I got my computer for free with my internet my visa was "accidentally" charged. I had to call them to take the charge off!! People are just waiting to screw you over, hey?

Oh, and I am glad you weren't saying UGH about the outfit. It is LOVELY. Adore the top. And the SHOES!!!! And LOVE these photos. So beautiful.

And I'm so glad that you made your shirt out of drapery fabric. I am such a newb sewer and that is something I have done and I always hope the ladies at the fabric store don't catch on that I have no intention of making draperys but am making a blazer!! Though maybe I needn't hide it! I mean, if you do it, it must be okay!

Brianna said...

Here, here to making clothing out of drapery fabric. I mean, why not? It's pretty, and its not like we need different curtains for everyday of the week!
Its a gorgeous top!

CS said...

i like the top...LOVE the shoes!!!!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I love the subtle details of your top, so pretty!