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Sunday, June 6, 2010


Cream Leather Jacket- Danier
Cream Lace Blouse- Forever 21
Cream Tank- Suzy Shier
Olive Green Cargos- Suzy Shier
Gold Wedges- Nine West (Ross $17)
Bangles- Aldo
Ring- Self Made
Necklace- Ardenes

Everything I wore in this oufit are recent purchases...with the exception to the self made ring...but it was still a quite recent creation....and the necklace.  The funny thing about this outfit is that a few years ago it would go against all my "fashion rules".......goodness I was SOOOO boring back then.  I used to see girls wearing cargo pants with heels and I thought it was SOO wrong to wear a casual pant with a more dressy shoe...but I realize now that there are exceptions to every rule.  The biggest issue was finding a casual cargo in a fabric and style that could easily be dressed up...and after much searching I finally found the perfect pair.  OK technically Brianna told me about these cargos that were in at Suzy...and when I finally saw them for myself I was quite I had been looking in all sorts of stores I don't usually shop at in hopes of finding the perfect pair.  And it turned out that these ones were so perfect so I also purchased a similar pair in a denim looking fabric. 
I'm loving the contrast of my casual pants with a more dressy lace top and bold gold accessories.  I only wish that my pictures had turned out better (I finally purchased a new Camera but haven't figured out which settings to use for the perfect shot...and at the time these pictures were being taking I was in a bit of a hurry).

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Brianna said...

Yes, this is a great outfit. Love it, a lot. Theres no more in my size in the denim ones, I figure you'll just have to share with me. Looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow.