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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fabric Bangles DIY

It's been awhile since I've posted a I decided it was time.  Since Vyla is moving all over the place and getting into everything it's been quite impossible for me to get any sewing done which makes me I've had to come up with other creative projects that are fast and easy and can be made from my living room so I can keep an eye on her.
Remember these fabric necklaces I made from scrap fabrics and fabric stiffener?  Well this time I've made bangles...but I didn't bother beading them because I like them plain how they are.  I'm absolutly loving coming up with new ideas for all my scrap fabrics...since I hate to throw them out!

Supplies and Materials:
-Assorted Long Strips of Fabric
-Fabric Stiffener
-Something tall and round the perfect circumference for a bangle (I used a water bottle and my fabric stiffener bottle)
-Plastic Wrap
-Paint Brush (I used a foam one)
-Small Bowl or Container (I used an old Margaine Container)
-Old Newspaper (To put down on your work surface)

1.  Wrap your tall round "thing" with plastic wrap (this will help pull the finished bangle off and protect it from getting dirty)

2.  Pour some fabric stiffener into your bowl and dip a fabric strip into it being sure to completely coat the fabric with the liquid.

3.  Remove excess liquid from the fabric and proceed to wrap it around the tall round "thing".  You can twist the fabric as you wrap it to make interesting folds and bumps.  There are a few different options when can pull the fabric quite tight and keep wrapping in the same spot so the bangle is quite narrow, or you could keep it loose and wrap the fabric so the bangle is quite wide.  When all the fabric has been wrapped tuck the end piece under some of the fabric to hide the end.

(Don't worry about any loose threads as you are can cut them out later)

4.  After the bangle is dried (I usually leave it over-night...but if you are feeling impatient you can use your blowdryer on warm to speed things up) pull it off and check to make sure it is stiff everywhere...if there are soft spots, just dip your paint brush in more stiffener and paint onto the area...and then allow it to dry.

5.  Using your scissors you can now trim away any raw edges and threads that you don't want showing.

All Done!! Wasn't that EASY!!

Here are a few other ideas for these bangles:

-Weave together different fabrics as you wrap
-Weave in trims (suchs as ribbon or lace) as you wrap
-Sew on random beads
-Spray paint them metallic so they appear to be metal

Be sure to check back next week because I have another DIY!!


Leah said...

This is a fabulous idea... love these fabric bangles. I have a lot of excess fabrics which I can use right now. Gotta start with my project too. xoxo

Kimberellie said...

Cool. Going to have to try this diy. You are so clever!