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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Tank Top- Old Navy
Belt-?? $1
Cargos- Suzy Shier
Sandals- Old Navy
Bangles- Aldo/Dollar Store

I swear these pants are the most comfortable bottoms I fact this whole outfit was extremely was like walking around all day in my pj's (which I would never do..and I hope you wouldn't either!!)...but way better looking!
OK I don't even know where to start about my last post.  All I can say is THANK YOU for all your kind comments.  I guess I was just having one of those days where I finally couldn't hold in my frusterations any longer.  It was kinda funny...after my Husband read my blog (we're in the middle of moving so he's been living 13 hours away for the past 2.5 months...we've only seen each other twice in that time) he called me up to see how my day was going (ummm obviously not so great..haha)...and then he said "well after that post you might not have any followers left" then I was a little worried I was mean..or crossed the line...but when your comments started coming in I guess that wasn't the case....but then I got a comment from "anonymous" then I'll admit I was a little worried...because I think we all know that when someone is going to leave a rude comment on your blog they're going to do so anonymously...once again I was proved thank you!!  I figured I would list some things I learned from this:

1. I have the most amazing group of readers!!!
2.  No matter where you are in life there is always a popularity contest going on whether you choose to be a part of it or not you're always a contestant.
3.  Sometimes you need to let out a little steam, because then the air can become a little clearer.
4. People like you best when you're just yourself.
5. My outfits are cute, without being weird  (thank you anonymous #2...I am quite glad of that because I never want to be fashion overkill).


Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

I hope your feeling better today! I was going to call you this morning when I went to town for groceries, but didn't know if you were up! Perhaps I will do it a little later! I like your outfit today, it looks fun!

Brianna said...

I have a similar pair of pants from H&M but they are really thin jersey so the material of any, and I mean any, underwear is visible under them.

I also like the top :)

Gabby said...

I love those pants. I've been searching for some similar but you know clothes - you can never find what your looking for until you're no longer looking!

Kasia said...

nice sandals;)

Brianna said...

I saw the pic and thought, well shes getting good use out of those pants... yes they are amazingly comfy and I really should get a pair!
You look lovely as always..