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Friday, June 11, 2010


Leather Jacket- Danier
Printed Dress- Winners
Cow Girl Boots- Winners
Belt- Zara (Worn inside out)
Necklace- Ardenes

Our weather is's June...not May...why oh why are you still raining down on me!?! On a more positive side, this horrible weather allowed me the excuse to wear my cowgirl boots without having to worry about sweaty feet!
Also the horrible weather gave me (way too much) time to think..and I came to the conclusion that I need to weed out my closet even more....or maybe it was because when I was showing our house to some potential buyers the lady noticed that we had a couple wood wardrobe I had to explain that it wasn't that we are lacking in closet space, it's just that I have ALOT of clothes.....and the pathetic thing about that is that Brody has moved out all his it's just my stuff...and I'm taking up 2 wardrobes, 2 Closets and 3 large 2 shoe storage racks....and that's not even including the 2 boxes I already packed with clothes. So what I have concluded is that I need to weed out my clothes and a few pairs of shoes....and not buy any new clothes for a very long time...the only issue is that Winners has a jacket that I REALLY want...and I've been looking at it weekly since in came in February....and every week I check to see if it's still there...and if it's went on sale yet (I even checked today...and no it's not on sale)...I even looked at some similar jackets in Calgary and they were all close to $100...and this one is only $40...but for some reason I can't get myself to spend that much on it...and yet I love it so I've told myself that the day it goes on sale I'm buying it...hopefully it doesn't sell before then. OK so the whole point of all this rambling is that I was thinking of challenging (or grounding) myself to not buy any more clothes or accessories for myself (I CAN buy for Vyla though) for a certain amount of time (I can't decide on that.....)..but I am allowed to sew myself all the clothes that I want (and I do have ALOT of fabric to use up...)..and then I was contemplating on how I should get rid of my clothes and shoes...because I hate the thought of giving Salvation Army all this great stuff that I'm having so much trouble parting the question is...any ideas???


Brianna said...

Very pretty dress. I like the colors used in it.

Daphne said...

Very pretty dress. Love the sitting pose. Weeding out clothes is not fun. It is easy to decide what to get rid of now but I always regret one item or another much later. Good luck.

Brianna said...

This dress is amazing. Is it new? I don't remember ever seeing it before? Yes, you do have a lot of clothes... And people think I'm bad.... Maybe I am? I'm not sure what you should do about the thinning out of your wardrobe as I generally wear everything till its no good!