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Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Bright Blahness

Silk Blouse- Zara
Jeans- TJ Maxx
Shoes- Aldo
Ring- Aldo

Once again I resorted to wearing happy colours in order to make this weather seem less depressing...It's starting to look like this won't work for long because I will be running out of happy clothes before the weather ever gets nice....ugh!!  Sorry for the non-smiling..I was trying to take pictures (on the tri-pod) in the rain...and it was taking forever....why?? Well first off I somehow had my camera on the wrong setting and all my pictures were turning out blurry....then Vyla kept pulling herself up on my tri-pod as a picture was about to be taken...causing the whole thing to topple over (including her) finally I figured out the setting...and distracted Vyla with her push toy...but by then I had ran out of smiles....


Second Skin said...

Well you do look gorgeous! I love all the pretty details like your shoes and the green polish and your ring is just incredible! I am sorry to hear that your weather has been poopy though. I hope that turns around for you soon. By the way, Coupling is s show I actually OWN ALL SEASONS and loved loved loved! It really sucked when Jeff left the show and killed me actually. But seriously, the Giggle LOOP! HOLY CRAP i think it made me pee myself when I watched it the first time! So happy to hear that we have our BBC love in common!

Kimberellie said...

I think it is funny that you "ran out of smiles". But I so get it. Today I have run out of smiles I think. Sigh. Also, you look gorgeous. LOVE the shoes. And that blouse, nice!!

Brianna said...

A very funny story. Vyla getting up to all kinds of trouble! Well you look lovely and your coral shoes are looking great too.

Sarah said...

You look great! love these wedges and your cocktail ring is divine! xxx

Kate said...

I just stumbled across your blog, very cute! Love how you show all the little details, and am loving the red shoes & the ring here especially!