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Monday, June 7, 2010

Leather and Linen

Cream Leather Jacket- Danier
Silk Blouse- Kensie ($10 LW)
Linen Pants- Forever 21
Heels- Old Navy

I had been wanting pants like these for years...but had searched and searched and never found the perfect pair...I even got desperate at one point and bought some fabric...but then got lazy and never actually made any.   I had almost given up on finding the perfect pair...and then I found these.  My issue with pants like this is so often they are see through...and NEVER long enough....I'm not exactly what you would consider tall (only 5'6")...but my legs take up alot of my I usually get the same inseam length as my 5'11" friend....and then on top of that these pants need to be worn with it's usually quite impossible to find the perfect pant...but about 4 years later I have finally succeeded.
I'm also quite excited about this leather jacket...I've seen so many nice cream pleather jackets...but I refuse to wear the plastic because it doesn't breathe and I feel all gross and sticky in it.  So the whole leather vs. pleather debate got me thinking about all the celebrities and people that are vegan or vegetarian...and how alot of them are animal lovers...and I'm sure the majority own pets such as cats and my question is...what do they feed their pets??  As far as I know all dog and cat food is made to contain meat (with good reason considering that cats and dogs are both carnivores).  Basically what I'm saying is that I would find it to be quite hypocrytical if these people who think it is wrong eat meat are going and feeding the pets that they love so much meat too.  Maybe there is such thing as vegetarian pet food and I don't know about it?!  Now don't get me wrong...I'm not trying to make fun of vegetarians or vegans...and I understand that there are many different personal reasons why someone would choose to live that question is directed more toward the people who have taken this lifestyle to the extreme (like the ones who go public about how people that eat meat are affecting this and that in the eco system and so on).  So with that said....all I am curious about is what they feed their debating vegetarian vs. meat eating please!!
Onto a completely different I am heading back to Calgary to drop the Hubby off at the hoo :(.  But on the plus side I get to spend another day with Brianna.


Brianna said...

I love that you did share this conversation on your blog after all, it was so funny and still is. Looking good hot mama.


I don't eat red meat but, I love leather and fur.. Love your cream colored leather jacket. Nice contour cut.

Brianna said...

That jacket is looks soft as butter.