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Friday, June 25, 2010

Olive ________ Preview

Please fill in the blank of my title.  I'm curious what you call it a jumper, jumpsuit, playsuit, romper..???

I will admit that when they first came (back) instyle I was a little uncertain....that is untill I saw this one worn by Christina of Second Skin...and I knew I had to have one myself!!  So I went on a bit of a search for the perfect one while I was in Calgary and came across the perfect olive silk one...but I was too cheap to spend close to $100 on something that maybe only be worn for a season or the next best thing was to make my own.  (Which cost me less than $10 in supplies to I saved myself $90)

I drafted my own pattern because the perfect one is impossible to find (perhaps it's that I am quite picky).   There were certain details that I required....waist pleats, crossover v-neckline, cuffed shorts, wide straps and slant pockets.  I drafted the pattern by using my shirt sloper for the top and my pants sloper for the bottm...there was one silly mistake I made while drafting it..and that was to take into consideration the fact that the top and bottom are sewed together so there needs to be lengthwise ease at the I ended up having to let out alot at the waist and then make a few minor adjustments to the the end it all worked out.

If you are going to ever attempt to make a romper, jumpsuit, playsuit, jumper etc make sure to measure the crotch to the waist in the from and back of the pattern to make sure it's going to fit you properly...because I'm currently making a second one (this time using a store bought pattern) and I had to add length to the waist of the shorts....I think it's probably better to just add the length because if it turns out that you don't need it you can easily just take it in.


Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

I would call it a baggy summer style catsuit! bahaha.. Yes I realize I'm lame, but I'm still laughing like a fool over it!

I was kinda concerned when I heard you were making a romper...(I know you have impecable taste) but still.. I have to say, I'm plesantly surprised! Great job, I can't wait to see you wear this!

On another note! Happy Friday!

Brianna said...

I call the shorts style ones rompers and the pants style ones jumpsuits, but that's just me.

I would have swore that this was bought from a store--you're amazing!

You need to take a picture soon of you wearing it :)


YOu need to sell this gorgeous Romper in your Etsy shop.. I know, I know , I can be pushy... I'm a New Englander. :)

Shop T.O. Live said...

I think romper is a good term. And I love them! I am totally romper obsessed and am so impressed that you made one yourself. I would love to see it in an outfit post - I can picture it looking lovely!

Taylor B. said...

romper :)
and I love them!