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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Red High Heels

Blouse- Self Made
Skirt- Joe Fresh
Shoes- Aldo
Bracelet- Dollar Store
Ring- Ardenes

Remember my dis-like for red?  Well I cracked last week in Calgary and bought my first pair of red shoes...somehow I managed to own every colour of shoe but red ones for 24 years...but I finally broke down.   The thing is though...these shoes aren't super in your face red...they're almost coral..but up against coral they look I will say they are red...but I'm sure everyone will argue with me...but really they shouldn't because I'm ALWAYS right...even Brody will tell you that...ok maybe he won't...but he should...or else he'll get in trouble...and I don't think he would want to be in trouble with me...but then again he's 13 hours away again so maybe he doesn't care...but don't worry...I will make him care...
These shoes were one of the 4 pairs I got in Calgary last week...and at the time I said they were my least favorite shoe purchase of my trip...but I'm starting to change my mind...I love the little stud details, the wood on the heel...and the almost vintage look to the now I will say that I just love all 4 of the shoes I bought equally...well that would be a boots are my favorite...I will show you one day!


Breanne at Bella Vita said...

Those are gorgeous shoes. I love each and every piece of the outfit.


Your entire outfit is so pretty .. I love the red sandal wedges.. LOVE

Brianna said...

These shoes are not RED! Nash, this is so funny, they are definitely coral, I never would of considered them red. Since I was there when you bought them, I can say they are not red..... I better get Vyla a color book, poor kid is going to be calling everything red when she grows up....