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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ribbon Wrapped Bangles DIY

Here is the next DIY.  I was inspired by a picture of some bangles in one of my InStyle magazines...they were in the "Sweet Deals" section...and the set cost $ me that seems quite I made my version instead.  (I figured that I already had some gold bangles I could mix with the ones I made to re-create this look)

Materials and Supplies Needed:

- Assorted Plastic Bangles (Try the dollar store or a thrift store)
-Craft Glue
-Assorted Ribbons and Laces

(You can use fabric strips...I cut mine with pinking shears so that there wouldn't be loose threads hanging every where)

1.  Dab some glue onto the starting end of your ribbon (or lace or fabric) and press it onto the bangle (It doesn't matter if you start on the outside or inside)

2. Start winding the ribbon around the bangle at an angle continually glueing when you get to the inside of the bangle (The reason for this is because the glue will leave a dark mark on the fabric, so you don't want that on the outside).

3.  Continue wrapping until the whole bangle is covered, making sure to overlap at the end.  Cut the ribbon off so that the end is on the inside, be sure to glue it securely down (if it doesn't wan't to stay down while the glue is still wet you can use a clothes pin to clip it down).

To make the double ribbon bangle, complete the first 3 steps, but before glueing down the end slip the narrow contrast ribbon in between, press it down, and then continue to wrap the ribbon around (Leaving a space for the original colour to show through) being sure to glue on the inside sections.

This is how the two I made with lace turned out.  (These were some old hemming laces that I had bought at a garage sale mixed in with alot more trims for $0.50)

This project hardly took anytime at all...and look how pretty they are!!


Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

Very cute! I love these!

Brianna said...

Very cute--I especially love the lace ones. Your ring is gorgeous by the way.

Anonymous said...

what an excellent tutorial. i will try it soon. thank you. - ann