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Friday, June 4, 2010


On Me:
Black Top- Borrowed From Brianna
Lace Vest- Self Made
Belt- Walmart (Very Old)
Silk Skirt- Kensie (LW $10)
Purple Tights- Winners
Black Shoes- Aldo
Ring- Self Made (Find Similar Ones here)
Black Clutch- Borrowed from Bri

On Bri:
Shrunken Jacket- Costa Blanca
Sequin Mini- Bryans
Leggings- Suzy Shier
Gold BCBG Heels- Winners
Bangles- Ten Thousand Villages
Lip Necklace- F21
Ostrich Purse- Street market in Milan

On Tuesday night we went to see SATC 2 (which was absolutely amazing...I'm SO inspired) of course we HAD to dress up.  I'm sure people at the theatre just laugh and shake their heads when people come dressed up all fancy to go to the movies...but I say Why Not?!?!  I LOVE dressing up...and any chance I get I'll take!!
These shoes I'm wearing I'm IN LOVE with!!...they were on sale for $30 at Aldo, and Brianna was shaking her head at me when I pulled them off the shelf (She said that she's doesn't like elastic bands on shoes)...but as soon as I pulled them onto my feet she was in love (with the shoes that is...she's been in love with me for years now...haha)...even a couple of the sales associates were in awe of the shoes...(they also weren't so crazy about the shoes on the shelf) that goes to show that you can't judge the shoe without a foot in it...or something like that..haha



I find that the item that looks terrible on the shelf or hanger usually looks the best on the body. For me anyway.

Love what you did with the belt on the lace vest. Intriguing.

Breanne at Bella Vita said...

You both have amazing shoes!! Love love love.

Brianna said...

I'm serious, I'm going back to get those shoes! I'm still most happy to be proven wrong about elastic on shoes all being ghastly because those ones are beauties!