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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Navy Vest- Self Made
Beige Tank- Suzy Shier
Blue Linen Pants- Mexx Outlet
Black/Brown Heels- Old Navy
Necklace- Reitmans

So a few posts ago I mentioned looking forever for the perfect pair of linen pants..and I finally had found some at F21 last week in Calgary....well this week I was back in Calgary to drop Brody off at the Airport *Insert Sad Face Here*...and after dropping him off Brianna and I stopped at an Outlet Mall, and in the Mexx Store I managed to find 2 more perfect pairs of Linen pants...this blue pair for $27 and a white pair (that was amazing is that????) for $30....and both pairs were regular $ by purchasing 2 pairs of pants I managed to save $ really I couldn't afford not to buy them...(right Brody?!) 
I wore this outfit the yesturday on the drive home from Calgary (and to a car dealership, childrens store and not just in the car).  I'm quite glad I had bought these pants, because the outfit I had originally planned on wearing just didn't work out like I had hoped (half due to the weather) luckly I had packed this vest and a bunch of random tank tops "just in case" with the random articles of clothing packed in my suitcase and these new pants I was able to make a simple but (in my opinion) chic outfit.

Now onto some exciting news... Corrine of Alluring Bath and Beauty has passed on a Blogger Award to me!!  (OK I'm sure half of the reason it got passed on to me is because she is my Sis In-Law...but lets pretend it's really because I'm SUPER Fabulous!!!)

The Rules:

State 5 random facts about yourself, and award 5 other bloggers.

1.  I am extremely addicted to lip chap...apparently it's impossible to be addicted to it...but then please explain to me why my lips no longer produce moisture on their own...why if I lick my lips then just get dry and hurt...and why if I realize I forgot my lip chap I have a slight panic attack...when I was younger I used to even sleep with lip chap under my I just have a nice tub of vaseline on my bed stand...and when we stay in hotels I ALWAYS take the side of the bed with the night stand just so I can easily reach my lip there rehab for this kind of thing?!?!

2.  I think snakes are cute...I love their faces...same with most reptiles.

3.  I try not to look in mirrors at Mid-night because when I was quite young someone told me that if I was to look in a mirror at Mid-night Bloody Marys reflection would be in the mirror...or something freaky like that...I don't even know what it was...but for some reason it stuck with me...and still at 24 years of age I get freaked out at the thought...

4.  I have never in my life tried peanut butter or jam (or jelly)...(unless I ate it as a baby and have no memory of it).  I hate the smell of peanut butter...I hate that jam has seeds and fruit chunkys in it...and really I have no excuse for jelly...

5.  I LOVE or black I love them Mom even gives me green Olives as part of my Christmas Grandmother In-Law brought me back some Olives from her trip to Arizona...and once a friend gave me a case load of black olives...yum yum yummmmm!!!  When I was little and we would go to buffets I would go to the Salad bar and fill half of my plate with black olives...and hardly eat anything else...haha

OK enough random're all going to think I'm quite strange after reading this!!!  So now I'm going to pass this award on:

Just so you know there are many other blogs that I think are fabulous and would definatly deserve this award.....I decided to give it to all Canadian that helped narrow things down a little!!


Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

Bah.. I'm almost offended! lol. I'm not the sort to give you an award if you didn't deserve it, silly (I spent many years being mean to you, so you should know I don't do things out of pitty [of which I'm sorry for, and I'm glad we get along so well now!])! You earned it by being a super fantastic blogger!!! I patiently wait (well most days I'm patient) for you to post just so I can see your marvalous outfits!

Brianna said...

Lovely linen pants. Pretty color.

MarchMusings said...

Love the laid back look. The necklace is simple and sweet.

Fifth Sparrow said...

Congrats on the award! And thank you so much for passing it on, it just made my day!

I'm laughing at your facts though! I read the first one and was like "ME TOO!!" but then I'm terrified of snakes, am addicted to PB and Jam of any kind, hate olives and well... I've never really had an opinion on looking in the mirror at night! lol
I love how everyone has their own little quirks!

p.s the blog looks great with the new background!

ari said...

love this outfit! it's simple but chic, and as of late I am started to move away from the skinny leg and I am facinated by wide leg silhouettes. great outfit.

Shop T.O. Live said...

Natasha, Congratulations, and Thank you so much for passing the award on to me.

I also love reptiles! (They are actually my favorite type of animal.)

Brianna said...

Love that you're sharing your freaky little factoids... although we all have them. I remember that case of olives... so funny... Thank you for passing on the award!