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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Dress- Self Made
Gold Bangles- Aldo
Coloured Bangles- DIY Projects
Sandals- Joe fresh $2

Oh how I love bright happy colours!! Oh how I love summer dresses!! Oh how I love warm weather!!
Love Love Love.

(Be warned there is alot of venting below)

I have to say thank you for all the wonderful comments you left me on my Remix post yesturday.  I really appreciate your encouragement!!..but now I have to vent.  I don't want to come off as rude or negative...or green with envy...but this whole fashion blogging thing has 2 sides to can either make you feel really great, or really awful...for the most time it makes me feel great, because for me the whole reason for this blog was to encourage me to make more use out of my wardrobe and give me a reason to dress nice everyday even if it's just to go to the grocery store...and when I get dressed up nicely I feel good..and when I feel good I'm nice (I like to think I'm always nice tho..haha) yes there are many positives!!...but then I go and post an entry to a contest on Chictopia...all excited about my outfits because I think my ideas were quite innovative..and then I realize that there are girl who've posted their entrys...and with-in minutes of posting they already have 20 some comments (the picture hasn't even made it up onto the "new photo's" section)...and here my entry is over a day old and has one comment (which I really appreciate by the way...) I don't want to sound un-grateful...but sometimes it gets frusterating when all I was trying to do was enter a fashion related challenge, not a popularity contest.  It's just frusterating to me that when entering a contest on either Chictopia or Weardrobe the only way a person stands a chance at winning is if they have alot of followers (either on their blogs or on those websides)...and I'm not saying that my entry was oh so great and deserves to win...but for all the girls out there that don't have a gazillion followers I think it's unfair that they should have to take a back seat when entering a contest.
And then....the whole issue about blog popularity can frusterate me at times...I don't see blogging as a contest to see who has the most followers...infact I'm quite happy with the 35 of you who for some reason like my blog....but I will say it makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong when there are girls who start up a blog and within a few months already have 3 digits worth of followers....and then I see fashion blogs where the blogger wears a similar version of the same outfit over and over again (causing excessive boredom on my part..I want to be inspired) and yet their blog is still popular...and then there is the whole issue of girls who bribe their followers (excessive giveaways)...I have nothing against a good give-away every now and then...but I don't think it's necessary to do them that often if you have under 3 digits of fact I think it's great when the more popular blogs host giveaways because usually they are helping showcase someone elses product and they already have alot of followers and are obviously not trying to gain any more....and I also think it's fine if your blog is not super popular and you still hold a giveaway every now and then....just don't constantly bribe me to follow you...and don't leave your link all over my blog and everyone elses...if a person wants to check out your blog they will click on your name and it will give them that info...right??? Maybe I'm totally wrong...haha
Ok wow I'm totally sounding ungrateful...which I'm totally please don't hate me!!...but these are just some silly things that were on my mind...and I totally sorry for venting...but if anything I'm sure there are a few of you out there who get what I'm saying...and possibly even agree with me. 


Brianna said...

I understand where you are coming from with the popularity thing but I try to tell myself that, as unfair as it is, everything comes down to a popularity contest (listen to I think its Bowling for Soups High School Never Ends song, which basically hits it exactly).

I entered a summer outfit contest and was so happy that I got 3 votes. I felt honored. But after looking at the winning pictures, one of the girls was sitting in a bunch of tall flowers/weeds and you could barely see her shirt, let alone the rest of her outfit. It was a beautiful picture of her but didn't show any outfit. It left me kind of confused.

Long story short, I understand where you're coming from. :)

Brianna said...

I love your outfit. I went to vote for you and couldn't find where to vote. Maybe I was having a moment?

Fifth Sparrow said...

It can be discouraging, I know (and I think I've had the exact same sentiments as you about it all just being a popularity contest!) but then I remember that when it comes down to it the reason I'm blogging is so that I have a creative outlet. It's not to make money, win contests, become famous (although I wouldn't say no to any of those...) it's to explore my wardrobe, document my life, meet other like-minded people and step out of my comfort zone.

Personally, I love your blog, your style and how sweet and kind you are. I hope you keep up blogging! xxx

Britta said...

Just a drive-by commenter! I actually wanted to say I really like your dress and sandals, but I'll throw my two-bits in to what your textual content was about too. I think that some of those people might have a built-in social network (art students, they know someone popular, they have connections) to spread their blog to or are really savvy networkers who spend a lot of time trying to acquire followers. Plus, many of them did spend months getting better and better content before they suddenly took off. Don't be too discouraged. Do it for fun, not for the comments!

Shop T.O. Live said...

Don't apologize for venting, this is your blog and you can post whatever you like. I understand how you feel (a lot of blogging is about social networking, which often seems forced) but I agree with Fifth Sparrow - just remember why you're blogging, and don't let the # of votes and comments discourage you. You have a fantastic blog, and I enjoy reading it.

Second Skin said...

I totally hear you on this issue. Blogging and popularity are strange things and a source of mixed emotions for all involved actually. I spent a whole weekend with a blogger recently and this topic was discussed at length. Also, just to let you know, chictopia IS a popularity contest. I learned this the hard way and have since completely retreated from it. I feel that weardrobe is bit fairer but still has a bit of the "in crowd" vibe. Both places can be a great source for inspiration and learning and networking, but they take a lot of energy, butt kissing, and time. Please do not get wrapped up or invested emotionally in these sites the way I did (and now regret). Cultivating my readership on my personal blog has been more rewarding for me by far and you have a very lovely and inspiring space here that people appreciate and love. There are a lot of blogs that seem to have an agenda, and my advice about those is to just avoid the things that make you feel bored or irritated. Its a big blog world and there are too many gems to get caught up on the zirconia. That being said, I hope you will continue to visit me! I do enjoy your comments so much and hope you have not in some way misinterpreted my intentions for blogging!

In any case, the reason I hopped over was to apologize to you for the weird functions over at Apparently in order for me to answer your question I have to be on at the time you ask it and hop on it before someone else does. I think there may be a strong desire to be noticed there as well, so many stylists are just sitting on there waiting to pounce. I unfortunately cannot just sit online and do that so I may not be a good candidate for the site! If you ask questions there, undoubtedly you will be answered thoroughly! Just probably not by me! I apologize for not knowing this before I blogged about it. If you have something you want to ask me directly, my formspring site is probably still the best option. I really appreciate you making an effort though! you have really great style (I love your dress and sandals here!) so I am sure it was just to humor and support me, but it was appreciated all the same! thanks girl!

Anonymous said...

I think this should be about you and what you want to bring to the blogging world, what do you want those looking at your blog to see. What are you inspiring? ( don't know if that is how to spell it.) Yes they (other bloggers) might have hits with popularity, but if they are so worried about popularity, are they concerned about what they are posting? They post with popularity and winning in mind. Please don't start doing that, post because it makes you happy and you want to bring something forth, which I can clearly see you have a gift, you always have. Post your creations with fun and fashion in mind, and don't worry about the others, what are they gaining if they can't post what they want becuase they are so busy trying to be popular. I am not saying you will not be popular, do not take this in the wrong context, I am saying I know you will be for the right reasons. Your stuff is amazing, I enjoyr reading your blogs and looking at the stuff you have created! good luck with the contests!

Anonymous said...

your blog is one of my favorites. I look every day. Your outfits are so cute, without being weird - you can wear your fabulous ideas in public! And I love your crafting and sewing tutorials. Keep it up - please don't quit!!!