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Monday, June 21, 2010

Why Didn't I Wear Brights?!?

Oatmeal Sweater- Winners
White Top- Walmart
Wine Blouse- Self Made
Fabric Necklace-Self Made
White Jeans- Winners
Purple Shoes- Aldo

I have to admit I'm not too crazy about this outfit..the reality of it is that I just wanted to keep warm...and warm did I keep...almost over-heated...I should have worn this outfit a few days earlier when the weather was super horrible..not just slightly horrible.
The fabric necklace I'm wearing here is actually made from the same fabric as the top I am wearing (it just looks darker because that's what fabric stiffener does)...the fabric was actually left over from the lining in this jacket I I guess that just goes to show that I hate to waste fabric...or maybe that I buy too much and always have leftovers...hmmmm...or maybe it's just that I'm sooo good at laying out my patterns to get the maximum use of my fabric...

Of course the best picture of the bunch turned out to be the accidental picture with my head chopped off...

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