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Saturday, July 10, 2010

$3 Well Spent

Silk/Cotton Blouse- Joe Fresh $3
Shorts- Winners
Sandals- Old Navy
Rings- Self Made

This is the perfect cool summer day shirt.  I found it at the grocery store for $3....which as I've mentioned before is about the only reason I enjoy grocery shopping...(Superstore has the most amazing clothes section EVER...)  It's a very lightweight silk/cotton blend...and it's my favorite colours!!

Brody got home last night...we were all very happy to see happy that while we were hanging out in the living room Vyla took 4 unassisted steps.  Her record so far...we were both quite proud!!

I'm thinking someone needs to teach this little girl that it's not acceptable to have your underwear hanging out all over the place!!


Leah (The Domesticated Wife) said...

You can buy clothes... AT THE GROCERY STORE?! Oh my gosh. That would just do me in. My credit card bill would be way too high. It's already bad enough all I have to do is click a mouse. Imagine if every time I went in for butter and milk I came out with 5 new clothing items as well. >.O

It's very cute too by the way. :)

E said...

What a beautiful top! I love that ring with it, too!

Brianna said...

Awesome top, this is why no one will ever go to superstore with me because I get too distracted!!! As for Vyla letting her undies hang out, what has her mother been teaching her???

Marie Z. said...

Wow, great steal! I love Joe Fresh. Have you checked out their make-up products? They're really good. Cute outfit and cute daughter : )