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Friday, July 23, 2010

Away I Go

As you read this I will be on the road on my 13 hr journey to see Brody.
I had mentioned before how I would be going away for a few weeks this summer...which was why I was saving up blog posts so I could have some while I'm away.  At 6am I will be hitting the road with my wonderful Mother-in-law and MIL hated the thought of me attempting to drive 13hrs on my own with a 9month old child who always wants to be on the move, so she offered to drive out of her way (she's heading to Vancouver) to take us to Prince George where Brody will meet us.  For this I am extremely grateful as I was dreading the drive alone.

I will be away approximatly 4 weeks...the first week will be spend with Brody in Chetwynd (our new town, which I have yet to move to...stupid house please sell!!)...then we are flying to Toronto...on Sunday Aug 1 we are heading to a Blue Jays game (very excited..although Brody is much more than I am)..we will spend a few days in Toronto shopping around..then we're off to Niagra Falls for a few days...then Collingwood for the weekend (where my Brother is getting married).  For our second week in Ontario we have rented a cabin in Muskoka with my Brother and his (by then) wife and their 2 kids...I think that will be the highlight of my trip (well the part where I get lots of wakeboarding in will be)...and it will be great for Vyla to spend some time with her cousins!   My last week of "holidaying" will be spent back in Chetwynd.

As for the status of my blog while I'm away...I have scheduled a bunch of outfit posts...and a couple DIY's and one Giveaway!!!  So don't ignore me while I'm gone...I will likely be updating about my trip...and I will still be browsing blogs (just not as often).  The reason I have scheduled posts is because I don't really want to have to upload my pictures onto other peoples this is alot easier.

So now I leave you will some hilarious pictures of Vyla.
She didn't like that I shut the screen door on her while I was taking my outfit pictures...she wanted to be outside with me!

I had to include one normal looking picture of her so you didn't think she looked like a troll in real life..haha


Brianna said...

Haha I love how evil she looks in the first couple pictures. sooo cute.

Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

Haha what a character! Have a good trip! Hopefully I get to see you the last part of your trip, cause I think I'm going to head out to the lake for a few days!

Snappy-Q said...

aww, what a cutie-patootie!
Have a great trip!

Kimberellie said...

LOL!!! Have a fun trip! And thanks for giving me a laugh!! LOVE these pics!!!!!

Fia said...

These are hilarious! That is one determined baby. Reminds me a little of my little girl. :)