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Saturday, July 3, 2010

DIY Convertible Top/Skirt

Here are the instructions on making this convertible top/skirt.

To start this DIY project you will need to follow the first five directions on this post.  You will need all the same materials as listed in that post with the addition of 2 long strips of fabric (the width of your material by 10 cm or 4")...these will be used to make the straps and loops.  Another option would be to use wide ribbon (you will need approximatly 2.5 meters if you use ribbon).

1. After you have completed the first 5 steps from the DIY Elastic Skirt Post you will need to mark 8 spots on your "tube" of fabric.  If you used 2 pieces of fabric to make the tube your seams will be the side seams, so those seams will be 2 of your markers...if you used 1 piece of fabric then the seam is the center back seam which is one of the marks needed.  Around the top of the tube of fabric you need to mark 2 side marks (the side seams if you have them), your center front, and your center back (center back seam if you have it).  Then you need to mark a place half way between each of these marks.  Use a different colour of chalk to mark the "half way" marks because these are the IMPORTANT markings.  For some reason I am having a horrible time explaining how to mark these spots.  I just folded my tube so that I had 8 folds to mark.

2.  If you are making your own ties and loops take your 2 strips of fabric and sew them into 2 long tubes by folding them so the pretty sides of the fabric are on the inside, and sewing or serging down the edge.

3.  Turn the tubes of fabric so they are right sides out.  I clipped on a safety pin to one end and fed it through the fabric and pulled it out the other end.

4.  From each strip cut out 2 pieces for loops (for a total of 4).  The loops need to be 2 times the measurement from the top of the skirt to where your stitches are (the elastic casing width) plus 2 times the seam allowance (1.5cm).  (If your casing is 5 cm wide you need to cut the loops 13cm long).  The length of the fabric tubes you have left should be at least 1 meter long (measure this before you cut the loops out just to be safe).  Turn in the raw edges in the long tubes openings and sew them down quite close to the edges.  I sewed mine so the seam was roughly in the middle when pressed flat.

5.  Now you need to pin and sew the loops into place.  The loops are going in all the places that you marked the "half way" marks.  Place the loop on the fabric so the seam is facing up on the right side of the main fabric, make sure that it is centered over your marking...line it up so that there is approximatly 1.5cm (5/8") above your original stitching line.
Stitch the loop to the fabric using the original stitches as a guide.

6.  Fold the loop up and around to the other side and pin in place.

7.  From the right side of the fabric sew quite close the the bottom edge of the loop.  You could stitch in the ditch here if you want, but stiching a bit up from the "ditch" will help give the loops more sturdyness.

Repeat the last 3 steps untill all four loops are sewn in.

Now you can go back to the DIY Elastic Skirt Post to finish the rest of the instructions (starting now at #6)

Here are some of the different ways to wear this project.

1. Pull one tie through the front 2 loops, pull the other through the back 2 loops.  Pull then ends over the shoulder and tie the front and back ties together.

2. This is a different back variation to the above option.  Twist the back straps and then tie the shoulders.  This will make the back straps too short to tie a perfect bow, so I just looped the front strap and tied it so it only had one loop.

3. Pull one tie through the front 2 loops and tie it around your neck as a halter.  Tie the other strap around your waist as a belt.

4. Wear it as a skirt and tie the ties into bows on both sides.

There are MANY other ways to wear this Top/ get creative!!!

I would love to know if any of you have ever actually made any of my DIY projects (or am I doing them for no reason?!)...and if you have I would LOVE to see pictures!!  So if you have made one of my projects PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me a picture!!!
Also if there are any DIY projects that you think I should try/post please let me know (possibly of things that I've made but never posted instructions for...within reason of course...nothing too complicated..or things you think I should try to make....)


Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

I love this! You did such a good job! Maybe we can make one for me when I get home! I seriously think you should sign up for project runway!

Kristy said...

wow, I'm simply amazed! This is such an adorable top AND skirt! You're very talented. I still can't believe how easy it is to transform this piece from a top to a skirt or the other way around. Just.. WOW :)

piccola samurai said...

This is AWESOME!!!! I really think it is so smart... I would love to try my hands at it but I'm afraid my sewing skills are not so advanced... it looks pretty difficult... :-))