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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Doily T-Shirt DIY

Does this shirt look familiar?? Yes I copied my shirt from a few posts ago!
I had remembered seeing some doilies in at Salvation Army a few days earlier thinking that I could likely think of something to use them for...but I didn't purchase them (stupid I know) 2 days later I ended up going back because in my sleep I had came up with a fabulous DIY idea (well in my opinion it's fabulous) 
When I say it's simple..I mean it's simple...and by simple I mean SUPER simple!!

Materials and Supplies:
-Plain White T-Shirt (Get one alot larger than you usually wear...I ended up getting Mens XL..which did end up almost too big for the project..but I was able to fix that.....)
-Assorted White Doilies  (The amount depends on their size)
-White Thread
-Narrow (1cm max) White ribbon, string, or lace (I used lace)
-Pencil or Tailors Chalk
-Sewing Machine

1. Cut out the neck from the t-shirt.

2.  Cut all around the outer edge of the t-shirt so you have a front and back piece (side seams, shoulder, underarm)

3.  Lay out both pieces face up so that the shoulder and neck edges are a few inches apart.

3.  Lay out the doilies between/overlapping the shoulders/sleeve of the top.  I started over an inch in from the neck (because we want to cut in a boat neck later).  Because I just had random doilies I was able to use one for the first side, and two over lapped for the second.  You want to make your doilies reach as far down the sleeve as possible.

4.  Pin doilies down around the want to put in quite a few pins to keep everything in place.  If you've had to use more than one doily on any side be sure to also pin the over lapping area.

5.  Now it's time to sew the doily to the fabric.  Do this using a small zig-zag stitch just around the egde of the doily, being sure to catch both the fabric and the doily as you sew.  Don't forget to sew any overlapped doilies together using the same method.

6.  Now you can trim away the fabric that is left under the want to leave a small seam allowance.
You can cut in your boat neck now too by cutting from the edge of the doily by the neck angling it into the neck edge. (Sorry I didn't get a picture of this...but all your doing is smothing out the sharp square edge at the neck ovening)

7.  Layout your shirt so that both sides line up along with the sleeve edges.  Draw a slightly curves line at the top of the sleeve from where the doily ends to the underarm seam.  Cut through both layers along this line.

8.  Fold the shirt in half lengthwise so that all the sides line up.

9.  Cut off the bottom hem and curve up at the side corners.

10.  Hold up the top where the shoulders are up against your body and mark approximatly where your waist is....or you can just measure.

11.  Draw a horizontal line at this mark that is parrallel with the bottom edge (the straight part that is)  Do this on both the front and back.

12.  Fold your shirt at this line so that the fold is on the inside (wrong side) of the shirt.  Sew along this line 1.5cm in (5/8").  This is making the casing for your waist string.  Do this on both the front and back.

13.  Cut 2 Pieces of String, Ribbon or Lace that measure approxinatly 145cm (58").  String one piece through the front casing, and one through the back leaving even amounts hanging out from each side.  I used a safety pin on end of the lace to pull it through. 

14.  (This Step is Optional)  Because I used such a large shirt and my neck opening ended up so large I needed to add on ties around the neck.  I took 2 lace string pieces 50cm (20") long and sewed them onto the neck at the center of both doily edges.  So when I put on the shirt I just tie these behind my neck and they keep the shirt from falling off.

All Done!!

Tomorrow I will be posting a Give-away for this top because I don't need two of them!!

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Celebrity Fashion Critic said...

Wow, you're really good at this!
The shirt looks great with those shorts!

Btw, nice blog!

Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

Love the shirt! What a great idea!! I think you could probably wear a belt over top the shirt too if you wanted to switch things up a bit! Soo impressed with how crafty you are! I can see I'm going to learn a few things in our wonderful journey as sisters!

Brianna said...

this is awesome! Great job. I may need to go looking for some doilies now...

406 Olivia said...

OK, I love your style and your blog! How have I never seen it before? Espesh since we're so close (I'm in Kalispell)...better late than never...following!