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Thursday, July 29, 2010


I had mentioned yesturday that I would be giving away the DIY Doily T-Shirt I made since I obviously don't need two shirts like this.
So yes I am doing my first giveaway... (for those of you who read my rant involving giveaways I'm doing it my way!!)

For all of you who are too lazy to try this DIY just enter the giveaway and then just maybe you won't have to make one yourself!!
This is not going to be a random draw...instead you have to guess the total Dollar (and Penny) amount that it cost me for the materials used in this project (meaning the doilies, t-shirt, and lace string...nothing else not even the thread...because it's something I already had...and only used a bit...). The person who guesses the closest amount will make sure you don't duplicate anyone elses guess or I will just choose whoever answered first. If there is a tie (as is one person guessed the same amount lower and the other did higher)..I will then stick the names in a hat and draw from there.

The style of this top will fit a large variety of sizes because it is so drapey.

The Rules:
1. You do NOT have to be a follower of this blog (remember the rant..I can't go against my word)...but it would be appreciated if you actually are a loyal reader...or one that visits every now and then..haha (Honor System)
2. Comment on this post being sure to include your guess ($x.xx yes that is a hint) and either an email address for me to contact or a blog.
Want an extra guess?  Mention this giveaway on you blog and show me the link.
Want another one?  Tweet about it or mention it on Facebook (Honor System) or do both (for 2 extra) let me know whether you tweeted or facebooked.  Then include all your extra guesses in your comment...or you can do them seperately..I don't really care!!   
3.  Unfortunatly this contest is only open to residents of Canada and The United States. (Because Canada Post is such a rip off!!)
This Giveaway ends Midnight on August 6


Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

I guess $4.32. I'll make sure to go post it on my blog for you! I'm going to do it after I post this so you'll just have to check my blog... which I know you already read, because you're a loyal sister-in-law! So my second guess is $ 3.16.

Haven said...


Kimberellie said...

I am going to say 10.50. And LOVE the top.

Marie Z. said...

I'm guessing $7.83!

Brianna said...

I really like this top. I'm going to guess $8.75, the cost of doilies was a real stumper....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I want a second guess too! It's $2.78!

Snappy-Q said...

hmm, I am going to guess $2.01, I figure I am close without going over... like Jeopardy.

Snappy-Q said...
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Snappy-Q said...

My second guess (I posted about it the contest on my blog) is $6.25.

here is the link