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Monday, July 5, 2010

I won!! Now I can't make up my Mind!!

On Friday I was SOOOOO excited to find out that I won the Give-away over at one of my favorite Canadian Fashion Blogs, MonochromaChic.   The prize was a $60 gift Certificate for CSN stores....which is an online store that carries everything from housewares and office supplies to SHOES!!!  Can you guess what I plan of getting???  I have spent the last 3 days checking out their shoe selection, copying the ones I like into a word document, looking up customer reviews for each shoe I love on other websites (there were no reviews for me to read on the CSN site...I'll be sure to post a review when I order and receive mine)...and now slowly narrowing down the list.  Which is where you guys come in...I need opinions...ok I don't need them...but I would really appreciate them!!
Here are a few things worth considering....I am a mother...I should be buying practical shoes (ummm...all the shoes on this list have at least a 4" nevermind..I don't do practical...what I meant was that I LOVE super high shoes...but I need them to be comfortable and easy to walk in as well). 
I have been looking for the perfect neutral shoe...a Cognac or Beige would be perfect...
At the same time though I really want some fun "stand out" shoes.

Ok here are the shoes!!
1.  I was wanting some white heels for some outfits (yes I already have white heels but they're a bitt too dressy)


4" Heel
My biggest concern about this shoe is the fact that the heel is skinny and there is no platform under the I don't know how comfortable they will be.

2.  Pretty much my dream pair of shoes!


4" Heel 1 1/4" Platform
The only issue is I don't know how many outfits these shoes would work with...also the price means I'd have to spend alot of my own money...(Consider the fact I bought 4 pairs of shoes last month)

3.  A different colour option of the shoe above.  This shoe would definatly go with alot...and it's still quite funky!  Once again my only concern is the price...I just feel a bit guilty spending my own money on more shoes when I have alot!

4.  The perfect colour ever!! I've been looking for a pair this exact colour!!


4 3/4" Heel
My biggest concern is how narrow the heels get towards the bottom..I'm thinking it might be a sprained ankle waiting to happen.

5.  The same shoe as above, just another fabulous colour...I've been loving blush tones alot.

6. I love ALL the details on this shoe!!  The colour is perfect...I love the thick wedge.


5" Heel 1 1/2" Platform
My only concern is the height...these are the highest of the bunch...but they do have a nice sized platform under the toes.

7.  The red version of the shoe above.  I thought I hated red...but then I saw this outfit and fell in love with the idea of a chunky red shoe to funk up an outfit.

My concern about the colour is that it's not as versatile as the shoe above.

OK so those are all the shoes...I managed to narrow it down on my own from 18 to now I'm asking for your help on the rest.
For those of you who don't like to comment I will make it VERY easy for you...on my side bar vote (by number) which shoe you think I should get...everyone else...tell me what ones you love...and why you think I should get them....or why I shouldn't get certain ones...just give me some input!!! haha


Domesticated Wife said...

I vote number 6. It seems the most practical and also like it would cost you the least out of your own pocket. Plus they're beautiful, plus they're a color you said you've been wanting. Also I find that wedges, no matter how tall they are, are the most comfortable shoes to wear! I have these tiny little kitten heels that are maybe like 1/2 an inch off the ground but it's just this tiny little point for a heel and they're SO uncomfortable. But I just bought some wedges that look as tall as these and wore them around all day, no problemo!

The Backseat Stylers said...

Congrats - what a fantastic dilemma to have! I vote for the white sandals...they're such a must-have for summer, don't you think? Good luck with your decision!

Snappy-Q said...

I vote for #6 too.

Kristy said...

Hahahaha, this is something I would love to participate in!First of all, congrats again for winning the giveaway! I'm glad you won and that you're planning on spending it on high heels because we need more stylish moms out there! :D

My TOP 3 are:
1. #6
2. #5
3. #1 (if you can find it in a different color, like beige/tan).

But I would go for #6. I know it's high but it's a wedge heel with a thick platform at the front, so you're going to be just fine :) PLUS, you don't have to pay extra towards your purchase, you just have to pay for the shipping ;)


Brianna said...

I like number 5 :)

Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

I like the red ones! I think you should give them a whirl!

Leslee said...

Omg!CONGRATULATIONS. I know what you mean that's a hard decision. The third is my fave cause it's so structural/ architectural like. But the 6th is very versatile.

piccola samurai said...

I love numer 2 because it is so funny and funky! But I agree that it is a bit expensive (considering your coupon) and that it could be difficult to pair... maybe number 4 or 6? Too difficult just to choose one;-)

agnes said...

elles sont toutes très jolies, surtout la deuxième, j'adore les talons compensés.

Brianna said...

Oh this is a tough one! I love #2!!!! They are by far the coolest pair of shoes I have ever seen!!!! My top four are #2, 3, 6, & 7. I am now saving up for #2. Theres that different postal code rule....