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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Love Love Love

Blouse- Forever 21
Belt- Winners
Jeans- TJ Maxx
Sandals- Old Navy

This I wore almost a week ago in Creston.  My mom laughed at me for "dressing up" to go to Dairy Queen...but I informed her all I had done was added heels....since I wasn't wearing shoes all day around the no I didn't dress up to go to Dairy Queen...I put on heels to leave the house!

OK so now to the title of this post...have you ever watched "The Heart Break Kid"??  There's a part (well actually a few) when Ben Stillers character says "Love Love Love" to his wife because he can't say "I Love You" since it's no longer true...well I guess it's become a bit of a joke with Brody and I...although I don't know how funny he actually thinks it is at times..haha...the truth is tho...I still say "I love you" because it's maybe should I change the title to that?? Then I think it would be too cheesy...anyways the point of all the blabbering is that today is our THIRD ANNIVERSARY!!!  So here are a few pictures from the past few years....

One of our Engagement photos....

"You may now kiss the bride"

Brody writing in the sand on our Honeymoon

One of the very few pictures we have of the two of us on our Honeymoon.

Joking around in Mexico Jan 2009

The first picture of our little family. Oct 11/09

The flowers that arrived on my doorstep this morning.  Brody did well considering my favorite flowers are Lilies!

Unfortunatly for us this year we do not get to see each other on our anniversary...Brody won't be home until Friday evening.  So I have to keep myself distracted today because otherwise I might throw myself a pity thank goodness I am going for dinner and a movie with some girlfriends tonight....and I have Princess Vyla Sophia to keep me entertained all day!
Brody, I love you...and wish you were here!
Love Love Love!


Kristy said...

2 more days til' the hubby is back!:) I'm sure he misses you a lot as well!

On a much lighter note, I love love love the lace top. I need that kind of top for work BADLY. It looks airy, feminine and still office appropriate. I guess it's time to visit F21 ;)

So, have you decided on which shoes to get from CSN? ;)

Brianna said...

I say seize every opportunity to "dress up!"
I do love love love all the photos of you two!

Brianna said...

I love the sweetness of the top with the rougher belt. And it makes your waist look teeny tiny(plus!)

Leah (The Domesticated Wife) said...

I ADORE this lace shirt. I'm gaga for lace right now. Also I've decided to for sure give sewing a go. I looked up the book you suggested and am watching it on Ebay. I'm stuck on the sewing machine part though. :( Any suggestions?


Aww, Happy Anniversary!
You look so young in thoses shots, your Brody is a looker and a keeper!
Now back to the outfit, in love with that lace shirt, and I must have a belt just like that one. I don't think you look dressed up, I think you look fabulous. Just right for ice cream. ;-)

The Backseat Stylers said...

What a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing photos of your lovely family.

LOVE your top btw - I must get myself to my local Forever 21!

Fifth Sparrow said...

I love (love love) this post! Your outfit is gorgeous... I'm weak in the knees for lace though so I might be biased! The heels are fantastic.. and I also get that "why are you dressing up?" when you've only put on heels. pfft... I miss the days when you could wear heels and it wasn't a big deal!

And your wedding/engagement/ /honeymoon photos are so lovely! How cute are you guys?! Sorry that he's not back till friday, I'm sure that's rough... but he'll probably make it up to you then!