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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Perfect Present

Blouse- Winners
Belt- Used to Be Moms
Skirt- Present from Brody
Sandals- Old Navy
Ring- F21

When Brody and I were first dating (2003) he bought me this skirt on a trip to Calgary.  Somehow he managed to buy the right size (with the help of the sales associate and the knowledge of one of my friends)...but now that we are married...and he knows the size of my closet he no longer buys me clothes...I find it funny how that works...they bribe you in with clothes and perfume...and then you get married and it all ends...ok I'm totally lying...the only difference is that I take the visa and buy them for myself now...and even though my closets are over litter the house...perfume  takes over the bathroom counters and cabinets...somehow he still loves me.


Kimberellie said...

The skirt is lovely. And I really like the blouse with that belt! I know what you mean about the presents!

It IS nice to take the visa!! hhahaha!

Though the shirt I am wearing on my blog now, I bought myself, and when I got home my husband said: "I almost bought you that for your birthday, but wasn't sure about your size."

I think men just need to be encouraged TO buy us clothes. Because after all, what do we like more? That said: gift receipt necessary.

Brianna said...

Brody is pretty smart underneath the dimples! A lovely look, light and summery and elegant!

Yelena said...

i like this outfit! seems perfect for this summer heat, yet modest enough to fit office dress code! :)