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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Vest- Self Made
Tank- Suzy Shier
Shorts- Joe Fresh
Sandals- Old Navy
Frog Ring- Suzy Shier

How cool is my frog ring??  Frogs are one of my favorite animals...when we were younger my brothers and I would catch frogs the whole time we were visiting my Grandparents in time mom even let us take some home in a jar...the frogs lastest the 5 hour drive...but not much longer...I was sooo sad..I wanted them as my pets...stupid selfish me...I wanted to keep them sooo badly that in the end I ended up killing them (think sweltering heat in a canning jar with holes in the top...only being given grass and weeds to eat...when little did I know frogs ate bugs...not plants) sad little Natasha had to bury all her "pet" frogs that summer...and the sillyest thing about this story is that I remember burying them in the place that eventually became our garden..and the spot I put them in there was red later anytime I was working in the garden (yes us kids were garden slaves...hahaha) and I would come across a patch of red clay I always would get freaked out that I would find a dead frog.  Maybe that's the real reason I hated gardening so much!!  No it probably had more to do with the fact that it was work..haha...
I obviously don't have much to say about this's quite basic...but perfect for a warm summer day!


Fifth Sparrow said...

awh, I completely feel for your little kid self! I used to do the same thing with any animal/insect/amphibian that I came across. They would be half dead by the time I found them and then I'd BAWL when they wouldn't make it!

I love the quirky ring! It adds just the right amount of interest to this outfit! So cute!

Brianna said...

Very cute ring. I am a frog lover as well. Many of my childhood memories involve catching frogs.

agnes said...

j'aime beaucoup ta tenue, et ta bague est vraiment très jolie