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Monday, July 19, 2010

See Through

Top- Winners
Belt- Joe Fresh
Shorts- Winners
Sandals- Joe Fresh

I like subtle see through tops...done right that need for flashy bras that draw attention to it or anything like that....I wore this while hubby was still home...and he said "You shirt's see through"...I told him I know...and I didn't then we went to the in-laws for dinner...and Brody said (quite loudly) "Natasha your shirt's see through" was said in an attempt to embarrass me in front of his parents...unfortunately for him I didn't care...I think my see throughness was done tastefully...well in my opinion it was...there are a few people I know (the parental type...although I'm a parent too...I mean the older generation) that would probably disagree with me on this...maybe you do too..oh well...I've always wanted to try the see through shirt without a tank top thing one day...and I did...and I liked it...and I didn't feel over exposed...I'm sure if I was wearing a thinner fabric such as chiffon I wouldn't be so comfortable though...although I do love the look of that...but for that I'd need the right occasion..and since I'm not a celebrity I'm probably not going to get one.


Kimberellie said...

I think you look perfect and perfectly classy. I like the "see through" look too. And you have def. done it well!!

Brianna said...

I really like it. I'd like to do a semi see through shirt in a classy way.... One of these days...