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Friday, July 2, 2010

Spray Painted Bangles

Remember how I had mentioned the option of spray paiting the DIY Fabric Bangles metallic....well that's what I did to these ones.

I wasn't happy with how these 2 bangles turned out (There were white chunks of fabric stiffener showing where I had put too much on)

So for the one I wrapped it in masking tape to get a random gold design.  I made sure to only cover the nice parts of the fabric with that the ugly stuff would get painted over..the lines didn't turn out as sharp as I had hoped...but in the end the result was much better than the original.  The yellow one I completely painted gold.

1 comment:

Amor a cada hora said...

I love this idea! Being a plus size woman its hard to fins n=bangles that fit and dont break the bank. Now I can make my own. Thanks!