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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Strung Together

Top- Winners
Bathing Suit- Mom Sewed it I painted and beaded a flower on it.
Shorts- Winners
Sandals- Old Navy

Ok I'm sure you've figured it out by now...but this post was wrote over a week ago because I am on vacation right now.
I will confess no one actually saw me wear this outfit...why?? because I was supposed to go to the beach with a certain I rushed around all morning trying to get some things I needed done before I went...then I rushed around getting myself and the kid ready for the beach.  Anyone who has kids would know that it takes alot more than just grabbing a swim suit and a towel...I had meals to prepare, baby to lather in sun screen, diapers to change, formula to make, diaper bag to fill, sun shade to pack etc...I finally got all that done, Vyla strapped into her carseat, the dog fed and washroomed and then hauled everything into the car...seatbelt done up, sunglasses on, bluetooth on...and I dialed this persons number (who had told me the night before to call before I was on my way) what happened??...yep you guess it...she cancelled...with the stupidest excuse ever...I was soooo upset...and quite caught off guard that I didn't really know what to I said "well we'll have to try again another time"...stupid me...why did I say that?? I'm soooo done then to make matters worse I went onto facebook and noticed on this persons facebook page that 4 hrs earlier their status read "thinks she won't be going to the lake today"....ummm if you knew 4 hours earlier why wait for me to call??? Just tell me then so I didn't have to waste my whole morning!!  I think I may sound angry in the post...I was more upset than anything because it seems like I'm always being cancelled I spent some tearful moments venting on the phone first to my Mother-In-Law who happened to call in the middle of my sob fest...and then hubby who also called in the the end I felt better and realized that it's the people who are always cancelling on people (without a good excuse that is) that end up loosing as long as I keep my word...or make amends when I absolutly can't I think I'll be better off in the end.

I should add that it did end up pouring out later in the the lake wouldn't have been so great anyways...but still..haha

Ok rant over!! The reason I'm still showing this outfit is because even though it never made its public appearance on this day...I do plan on getting ALOT of use out of it while on vacation...considering that 1 week is going to be spent at a cabin on the perfect!!

PS...In all these pictures I actually am looking at something...Vyla was hanging out on the deck with me....I would have kept her in the pictures..but they were all just the top of her head..or in one just a couple legs (her body was hid by my legs)


Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

Ugh some peoples childern! I know what you mean though! I get sick of it too! I hope your having a wonderful time! Miss you lots!

Melrose said...

how rude! i would definitely wait for her to do the planning if there's to be a next time!
anyways, you look gorgeous as always! That top is too cute, and I would love to see more of your bathing suit so I can check out your DIY skills!

Snappy-Q said...

First, super cute outfit! You look so chic for the beach.

Second, that does sound very frustrating! I hate how so many people these days will just cancel plans if something "better" comes up. If you make plans I think you should stick with them, otherwise no one will wnat to make plans with you anymore!

Kimberellie said...

Love this look. That shirt is the perfect cover up. You look lovely.

And oh, so annoying. Yes, I had one friend who kept cancelling on visiting us to see our son when he was new, and I was SO ANNOYED. Because all the scheduling arranging when am I going to nap-ing--yesh. And now, yes, there is so so much to get ready. Hate cancellers. Unless of course they are other moms, then I get it. I figured I was going to read your whole got everything together story and have it end with: "And then my daughter decided it was nap time"!!

Brianna said...

This top is amazing. I look forward to some more outfit posts of it. Sneaky side snaps!
People cancelling drives me crazy!!!

Shop T.O. Live said...

Hope you're having a great vacation. I just wanted to comment on this outfit. The top is absolutely gorgeous! I would totally buy it if I saw it at Winners - it's the perfect swim suit cover up. (Too bad you never made it there).