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Monday, August 23, 2010

Day Time Sparkles

Top- Winners
Skirt- Street Vendor in Vegas 07
Shoes- Nine West

I bought this skirt over 3 years ago in Vegas...and I had only worn in once.  The problem was that I had no idea what to wear it when I got home from my vacation and was coming up with an outfit to wear, it got pulled from my over flowing closet...and magically it worked!  I don't know how everyone else builds their outfits, but I usually start with one item that I'm dying to wear and then go from there...this time it was my new shoes.  In Toronto I found these Nine West shoes at The Bay on clearance...they were regular $140...marked down to $49.95 plus and extra 40% I ended up paying a whole $25 for them.  SCORE!!  Before I even had looked at the price I knew I loved them...they were the perfect neutral pair I had been looking for (wedge heel, preferably wood, wide leather straps, brown or cognac). 

Next I knew I didn't want to wear jeans or shorts, since I had pretty much lived in them for the last month...and it was too warm for any other pant a skirt or dress it was.  The sparkles on this skirt caught my looked perfect with my new shoes...but for a few seconds my elation had been deflated when I thought I didn't have a shirt that would work....out of my very large closet it appears that I only have one shirt that works with this skirt....I'm hoping that's not true because I hope to get more use out of it in the future...I guess it's time to over haul my closet once again!!
So I'm just do you build an outfit?? Or does it even get built as opposed to just "thrown together"?  I will admit that about 75% of the time my outfits start with a pair of's my go to solution...if I stare at my close too long I head over to the shoes and choose a pair I haven't worn in awhile and go from there.


Melrose said...

those shoes are absolutely GORGEOUS! What an amazing find!!!!

Lately I've been the same as you, starting with an item I've been neglecting, or am dying to wear and then build from there. I've also started making lists (while I'm at work, bad girl!) and just randomly pulling one from the list when i get up in the morning with little time to fuss.

Haven said...

Those shoes are bangin'. $25? AWESOME!

Kelly said...

I love your top! Such a pretty neckline.

And those shoes are winners, of course!

Snappy-Q said...

First of all, welcome back! I hope that everything works out so that you get to move up to where your hubby is!

Second, I love those shoes! Such a good score.

Third, I usually build my outfit around one item, a skirt, a shirt etc... Occasionally around shoes.

Kastles said...

Those shoes are perfect! Very pretty! I usually start with an item I am dying to wear or haven't worn yet, and work from there. Or often its with a pair of shoes I want to wear! Good luck with the house stuff! Vyla looks so cute and is getting so big!

Brianna said...

I adore these shoes. I really do wish we had the same size feet. This of all the possibilities.....
I think it is hilarious you got this skirt on your trip to vegas and I have never seen until now!