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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Frayed Vest Preview

No I haven't turned all cowgirl on you...but I did make a frayed denim vest...and fortunatly it looks alot better on than it does laying flat on the ground.

To be quite honest if I saw this in a store I would probably be quite repulsed....but I really love how it looks on.  Totally not cowgirl in a bad 80's way.

What I did was used a regular vest pattern with princess seam lines and skipped cutting out any lining.  I sewed the pieces together so that the seams were on the outside (although this fabric is totally reversible it didn't matter much).  I then sewed around all the outer edges in 1.5cm (5/8").  Then I clipped all the seam allowances approximatly 1cm apart making sure not to clip through the stitching line.  I also clipped around all the outer edges the same way.

Next I through it in the washer and dryed so help speed the fraying.  Voila I was done. 
It was such an easy project, and it resulted in the perfect summer vest.

Because my fabric was reversible I can wear it more frayed, or less frayed...and I equally like both ways.

I promise an outfit post wearing this vest will be coming soon so you can see for yourself that it truely isn't horrible!!


Brianna said...

I really like this fabric. I look forward to seeing how you style this up in the future!

Kimberellie said...

I can't wait to see this on. It looks so cool. You so inspire me with your creativity!