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Sunday, August 1, 2010

White Skies

Top- Suzy Shier
Pants- Suzy Shier
Shoes- Aldo
Ring- Self Made (Similar ones in my Etsy Shop)

My camera wasn't co-operating me when I took these pictures...I tried all sorts of picture sorta turned out...but my pose made my clothes look weird..and I just looked horrible..
I wore my "bowling" shoes again...I like them with cropped pants...but I do think that with regular length pants they do look like I should be rolling a ball towards some white pins.

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Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

Lovely! I really like that shirt! I hope your having a wonderful time in Ontario! xoxo

Brianna said...

Oh i love these pants so much! We got some more in and they have my size......

Kimberellie said...

Those pants are awesome. And I really adore your shoes. I had a pair like them, but they gave up after a few years. I need a new pair!

As for you pics, it looks like your white balance is off. Not that I really know anything, but that's what it looks like! You nonetheless, look lovely!