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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bug Eyes

Leather Jacket- Danier
Lace Blouse- F21
Jeans- Winners
Shoes- The Bay (Nine West $25)
Sunglasses- Aldo

For some reason lately alot of my blog titles have been what I envision Brody making fun of me for within my outfit.  Is it horrible that I automatically assume that my hubby would make fun of me? Or is it just that I know him too well?  Usually when he makes fun of something I'm wearing it means it's cute (no it still doesn't mean that he thinks it cute...)...basically the theory that Brianna and I have come up with is that if Brody doesn't like an outfit of mine, or a piece of clothing, or a hair-do it usually means it's super cute...on the other hand when he thinks it's's also means it's cute..hahaha
I have been looking for a pair of jeans like this for quite some time...I finally found them...and they're even more perfect than I ever thought possible, because they are so super soft and soooo super comfortable!

This weekend I purchased this Blazer at Value Village, and it was missing a botton....the botton happened to be in the pocket, so I can either attach it, or put new ones on...which button do you prefer on this jacket?

The bottom button is what came with the jacket, it's really neat, and I love it, but I wonder if it's too dark and takes away from the print on the jacket.....thoughts?


just my style said...

WOW! I adore this outfit bug eyes and all! Those jeans look like a fream on you and paired with the lacey top...LOVE! also that blazer is awesome... my vote is the lighter buttons. Can't wait to see it styled.

Kastles said...

For sure the lighter button, I agree I think it looks too dark with the jacket. Those jeans look great on you!

Collette Osuna said...

Really love the blazer..and bellbottoms ROCK!!

Have a Fabulous day!
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406 Olivia said...

First: I love the bells and bug eyes! So 70s chic!

Next: I like the bottom button--it provides the perfect contrast.

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

Love those jeans - they're an amazing fit.

Trishna said...

I personally love the top button, you are right about the bottom one. It is a bit too dark for the print. :)

Love from Toronto, Canada

P.S: I just found your blog from weardrobe and saw that you're from BC. I would love for us to stay in touch via google or bloglovin. What do you think?

Sarah said...

Love it! This blazer is amazing. What great detail. I love your pants too,.

Sarah said...

Love it! This blazer is amazing. What great detail. I love your pants too,.

Jodi said...

Hey.. i like the glasses.. it reminds me of a guy I grew up with who used to wear and old pair of big 70's style sunglasses while snowmobiling.. yes, he was abit odd but they were cool glasses. I like the darker button, it pulls out the color of the detailing, I think the lighter button just blends in too much. I love shopping at VV always good deals there!!

Brianna said...

Ha ha, yeah Brody just doesn't know... Well he does sometimes....
I'm torn on the buttons, I think maybe the gold one you've picked out, then again having two different buttons is pretty awesome!