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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Decorating Options

As many of you know I am currently in the process of moving into a new home 13 hours away. For over 5 months I had been looking forward to purchasing a new home so that I could decorate it. What excites me most is decorating my living room area. Ideally I would like to just go out and buy all new things, couches, coffee tables, end tables, ottomans, pictures etc…but since that’s obviously not going to happen I am going to resort to A LOT of DIY projects.

Here is a picture of a living room I am in love with.

(Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publications "Decorating" Spring/Summer 2010 pg. 92)

I really want a bright happy living room, so I'm tossing up a few colour combinations.
The first being tourquois, lime, and pink (as above)
or all the colours above along with yellow and tangarine.

I love the floral print in the picture below (along with the colours)...I really wish I could find some fabric like this to cover a chair with.

(Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publications "Decorating" Spring/Summer 2010 pg. 110)

One thing I really want to do is re-cover our I'm thinking I'll just make some slip-covers that fit on perfectly (un-like purchased ones).  I just found a picture of a couch here that is kind of the idea I'm working on for my couches.  I love the idea of mixing prints...this couch is a little out-dated for my taste...basucally I want a more modern print...something fun and bright, but I want to mix prints as I go.

Do you guys have any DIY ideas I could try? Or any other thoughts?


406 Olivia said...

Buy sturdy wooden furniture at the thrift store and paint it!

sophiasa said...

paint your original furniture white and the inside a bright fun color! I did my bookshelves a few months back, white and lime also, and it looks great, much better then how dark it used to be, in such a tiny room too.
I also find my art online. Sometimes a cute quote or some great scapbook paper pattern, then print it off and frame it. Fun and cheap=)

Jacinta said...

Gorgeous lounge room.
Have you seen this lady's blog?
She's a decorator and does a lot of DIY and links to fabrics (saw something similar to the print you like)
Good luck with the move!

Collette Osuna said...

Congrats on your move...theres a TON of decorating inspiration will be having so much fun!

Have a Fashionable Day:)
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Anonymous said...