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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hyper Vyla Playing with Breea

Remember the Conspiracy in my house?  Well once again tonight Suspect #1 managed to sneak out some chocolate to suspect #2...(I think she even did it while I was home!)...way too close to bed-time I might add...and now Suspect #2 is as hyper as can be...and has been running around in circles, laughing her head off...being as crazy as ever.  Here is a video of her playing with Suspect #1 tonight...and you should know that she is still going crazy...and it is 11:30PM....way past bed-time!!  (I obviously wrote this last night...we didn't get to bed untill after midnight!)


Melissa said...

That is too cute!!! Your daughter has the most amazing laugh!

the-beso-team said...

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Daphne said...

Hilarious. I watched this with my 20 month old daughter and she was laughing righ along with yours.

Brianna said...

Oh those two little trouble makers... Hilarious though, I should be doing my homework!