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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Blouse- Winners
Belt- Ardenes
Pants- Suzy Shier
Shoes- Nine West (The Bay $25)
Ring- Self Made (Buy it Here)

Once again we had a very warm summery day...
Lately I've been loving to mix together pieces that I usually wouldn't wear this blouse and these pants...the blouse is quite girly, and the pants are quite masculine/casual...but with the right accessories I'm starting to think I can make anything work....or can I??
What's your thoughts on mixing different styles of clothes together?  Do you have any favorite mixtures?


Melrose said...

I love that combination! And the colour of that blouse brightens up my dreary, rainy day!

Collette Osuna said...

I think you look great Natasha!! I love your outfit...and each time something inside of you tells you "those dont go together"....wear them:)

Pattern and clothes mixing is FUN....!!!

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406 Olivia said...

Love the pants! Way back when, I DIYed a pair of elastic cuff jeans. And I love these shoes every time you wear them.


Kassandra said...

Oh yes you can make it work! I am all about mixing combinations of styles. I love girlie and masculine together, Jcrew always is great at that balance. It looks great, and the neutral accessories help!

Robyn said...

Loving the bright colors mixed with neutrals. Also, those shoes are amazing. Amazing and really reasonably priced. Great deal.

Amanda, The Upside of Wonder said...

Those shoes are amazing! Seriously so jealous right now. And I love the little ruffle detailing on your top. Great photos, you look beautiful lady :]


Kimberellie said...

I love to mix feminine with edgy. I always think that I tend to I try to tone it down!

btw. orange is a fantastic colour on you! or is it sort of a pinky orange? either way: lovely.

heart: Kimberellie

LyddieGal said...

I love this look!
the ruffles and the shade of the top are wonderful, and the wedges are so beautiful!!!

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Betsy (Miss B Gets Dressed) said...

you have the best shoes!! and I love the pockets and the textured wash of those jeans!