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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Return Of...

Blouse- Self Made
Belt- Zara
Shorts- Kohls
Sandals- Old Navy

Our weather is once again bi-bolar...I was finally comfortably settling into Fall...and now apparently it's Summer again.  The only downfall is that we had soo much cold weather lately that the lakes are no longer swimmable...but the heat outside is calling for lounging by a lake.
It's a very good thing that I'm a procrastinator...I'm moving 13hrs away in 6 days...and luckily I hadn't packed away all my (and Vyla's) summer clothes yet...well the truth behind my not packing away some shorts is because I was planning on wearing them with some tights and transition them into Fall...but right now there are no tights required.


Melrose said...

you're so lucky! it's freezing here! And very rainy :(
Your blouse is absolutely beautiful though, it's definitely brightened my day!

Kassandra said...

Hhaha, we are having the same problem here except I packed away most of my summer stuff already. Your legs look awesome and usual.

I found a blog post today on long skirts and thought of you:

L ~DIY Diva~ said...

i love that blouse! very cute outfit!


Collette Osuna said...

I LOVE your blouse!! Thank you so much for emailing me the directions for the skirt.....I emailed back:)

Cute shoes too!

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406 Olivia said...

Super cute top and belt!
We've had the bi-polar weather too, and I couldn't be happier. Summer was too short this year!


Jodi said...

This top is super cute.. and looks really good with the belt too.. You have an excellent eye for finding great fabrics for the patterns you are making.I know what you mean about the weather.. just likes to keep you guessing!!!

Where are you moving to? I'm trying to think 13 hours from where you are....hmmmm cant think of where.. down closer to the coast???

Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

I think this has to be one of my favorite shirts! Very Chic! Oh, and Vylas sandals are cute too! So glad she fits them!

And I think you should just ask your mother-in-law for help packing! You know she'd love to!

Jodi said...

Chetwynd.,... oh poor you! kiss your shopping trips to the states good bye sister.. its all black flies and red necks from now on.. hah hah.. good thing you sew.. except where will you get your fabric? One good thing is that you will be fairly close to Alberta, so guess you can head to Calgary... My brother lived and worked in Chetwynd for years.. mechanical stuff for a big oil company... < I grew up in Balfour by the way> only you would know where that little secret place is.. hah hah

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

Love your top. Glad you're making the most of the hot weather - it will be gone again before you know it.

myedit said...

Hot and cold... what an autumn!
Love this look and those sandals are very pretty indedd!

Daphne said...

Same odd weather here. The shorts look super with that top.

agnes said...

j'adore ton look, et je te trouve très jolie, avec ton short et tes chaussures.

Très jolie la photo avec ton bébé

Fancy Pants said...

Love the silhouette of this top. The color is great on you too.