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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tassel Necklace DIY

Here are the instructions I had promised for the Tassel Necklace I made.  It's very simple to make and doesn't take many supplies at all.

Materials and Supplies

-Metal Chain or Old Necklace Chain
-Heavyish Wire (I used 16 Gauge, but somewhere around 20 would work great)
-Sewing or Beading Thread
-Handsewing needle
-Seed Beads (I used 2 colours)
- Embroidery Thread (I used 2 colours)
-Needle Nose Pliers (and wire cutters)


1. Cut 40 pieces of Embroidery Thread 16cm (6.5") long.  (I did 20 of each colour)
If you're doing more than one colour be sure to mix the colours in evenly.
Lay your thread out in a line keeping the ends as even as possible.

2.  Using your wire cutters, cut a 6cm (2 3/8") piece of wire.  Fold it in half and twist into a loop.  (I made the loop using pronged pliers)

3.  Find the middle of your thread bunch and twist the remaining ends of the wire snugly around the threads being sure to pinch all the ends of the wire in tight.  Make sure that the raw ends of the wire are directly under the wire loop so that no ends will be exposed in the end.

4.  Hold onto the metal loop and pull all the threads down so they hide the wire ends.

5.  Trim the bottom of the embroidery threads to make them nice and even.

6.  Cut a 30cm (12") long piece of embroidery thread, lay it flat on your working surface, lay the tassel on top of the center of the thread so that the top of the tassel is about 1cm above the thread.  Tie the thread around the tassel.


7.  Wrap the thread around the tassel a few times and part the tassel in the middle to tie the ends of the thread underneath to hide the knot.

8.  Thread your needle and knot the one end.  Fill the thread with seed beads untill it is as long as the tassel ends (measuring from where we wrapped the thread around to the bottom).  Push your needle (with the thread and beads on it) through the tassel right at the bottom of where it's wrapped to the other side.

9.  Fill the other side of the thread with beads untill it reaches the same length.  Knot your ends and cut the thread.  Repeat step 8 & 9 again (I used a different colour the second time) this time putting your needle through inbetween the other beaded strands.   You can repeat this as many times as you would like depending on how many beaded strands you would like.

10.  Thread your chain through the metal loop on the tassel to make it into a necklace.  Cut the chain to your desired length and link the ends together using your pliers. If the chain links are fused together then use a jump ring to attach the ends together.  Or if you don't want to have to slip the chain over your neck each time attach a clasp to one of the chain ends.

I figured that this last step wasn't important to show because ultimatly you can use whatever you want to thread through as a necklace and it's much easier to do the steps than it is to explain them or show them in pictures.

All Done!!

So I'm sure half of you are wondering why you have to make the tassel.  Truth don't!!  I did because I didn't have one handy...and I didn't feel like going to a store to get this way I was able to make the tassel in whatever colour(s) I wanted.  If you just buy a tassel you can skip the first 8 steps, but you will have to figure out a way to add a metal loop to the top if it doesn't already have one.

Here is where the Inspiration came from.

InStyle August 2010

I think I'd rather save $188 to spend on something much more exciting like shoes, and just make the necklace myself!!..well a similar one...


Collette Osuna said...

Hello...Im a new follower and just wanted to say THIS IS AWESOME!!! thank you so much for posting this.....I could make this myself, I even though Im not too handy in the crafty area:)

Shop T.O. Live said...

I was totally like "wow! i can't believe she even made the tassel!" You are unbelievably creative.

Also, I am in love with your updo from a few posts ago - it looks so lovely. I love updos that look soft and effortless.

Niki B. said...

whoa thats a rad DIY! for some reason i just don't think i could do it. haha. but you know what if it saves $188 it's def worth a try!

x Niki
A Haute Mess
ps. There's a giveaway currently going on at A Haute Mess! You can win an amazing cuff bracelet valued at over $100. Thought you might be interested :)
Giveaway posted here xoxo

Daphne said...

Handmade tassle is very impressive.

Kimberellie said...

Aren't you clever? And yours is SO MUCH cheaper than 145! AND cuter! You rock Miss Inspired.

shybiker said...

Great post. I didn't realize making such a pretty necklace was so easy. I may give it a try.

Super blog, too! I love your style.

ByeByeSoccerMom said...

super cute! i love the inspiration and you DIY both!!!! please check out my tassel necklace DIY here:

ByeByeSoccerMom said...

Thanks for your comment, Natasha. Hope you don't have cats (just in case you really decide to make feather tassels) lol

I just discovered your blog from Daphne's. I love your DIY's. Very creative! And I love your idea of interviewing moms. I felt the same way when I started reading others blogs. At first I kept coming across the ones that are single, no kids. nothing wrong with that but i found it challenging to relate...
maybe i'll have to answer your questions on your fashionable mommies page. Mommies rock!!!