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Thursday, September 9, 2010

To Catch a Thief

Cardi- Winners
White Shirt- Walmart
Cargos- Suzy Shier
Necklace- Self Made (Instructions to come)
Shoes- Nine West outfit colours are looking a little bland....I don't know how it is...but somehow I managed to buy this cardi that is almost identical to one I already have...the only major difference is the sleeves are tight here, loose there and this one isn't super itchy, so I won't have to strictly wear long sleeves under it.  I find it a little strange that I managed to pick out these two cardi's considering they are such a bland colour...usually that wouldn't be my first choice.  Perhaps I'll have to dye one of them a deeper brown...

Ok so the real story here has NOTHING to do with my outfit. 
I'm starting to think that there is some sort of conspiracy happening amongst my children. My children being my daughter Vyla and my DOGhter Breea. I have to say their plan was good….almost too good…but evidence is evidence.
What would happen is I would leave Breea (Suspect #1) at the house while Vyla (Suspect #2) and I would go to town to run errands. While we were gone Suspect #1 had free reign of the house…so after barking for approximately 2 minutes at the door until she realized that NO we weren’t coming back for her, she would first check out the garbage cans for any Kleenex’s to chew up…and then onto the next thing. The next thing is what ties her to the crime.
Suspect #2 and I would return home to a surprisingly intact house, and a happy greeting from Suspect #1 (lots of licks). While I would be putting away the groceries, the two suspects would be communicating in secret languages (Lick* Lick* Squeal* Squeal* and then giggles) about where the "Stash" had been hidden. Oh they thought they had me fooled…and yes for awhile they did…with their puppy eyes, and wide mouth grins who would ever suspect they were capable of such chaos?
But they made one key mistake…they underestimated me! You see I was deeply immersed in a magazine article…so they thought I would NEVER notice…yes I can admit that while I’m reading something very intriguing I can get quite caught up, and fail to notice anything happening around me…but this I noticed. How could I not notice?
What went wrong? Suspect #1 got so caught up in the moment of getting cuddles and rubs by a very distracted magazine reader that she missed the cue (squeal* giggle* giggle*) to lick up the evidence….but I didn't miss it.

So here it is folks!  The Crime Scene with full evidence.

Suspect #1 (Notice the Candy Dish)

Suspect # 2

That's right!!  While Suspect #2 and I were in town, Suspect #1 would carefully snatch a couple pieces of chocolate from the candy dish and hide them in a place that Suspect #2 could easily reach.  The plan was for Suspect #2 to trasfer the chocolate into her stomach and then Suspect #1 would lick away all the evidence.
You may be wondering what good this plan was for Suspect #1 when she clearly didn't get to enjoy the chocolate herself (other than the evidence to lick)...but they had made a deal...and for Suspect #1 it was a good deal.  The deal was that Suspect #2 would no longer pinch Suspect #1's ears, pull her tail, or rip out her really how could Suspect #1 turn down a deal like that?

So now to the Jury...what should the verdict be?  A lifetime of pooper scooping (for Suspect #1)?  18 years of cleaning her bedroom (for Suspect #2)?  Or just a lifetime of Obedience from both Suspects?


Joious Walking said...

I have never laughed so hard in my life! The two suspects should both get baths and that should be the final verdict! They are both too darn cute!

Melrose said...

bwahahahah! that's quite the plan! what sneaky little buggers!

Collette Osuna said...

LOVE your cardi and wedges:)

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shybiker said...

Adorable! And humorously told.

Brianna said...

Ha :) That is beyond cute.

I like the cargo's you got. They look super comfy.

I also have a giveaway going--if you're interested stop by :)

Daphne said...

Hilarous. Your daughter is so adorable all covered in choclate.
Love your mix of sweat capri's with cardi and heels.

Snappy-Q said...

Hahaha, this post had me laughing out loud! Hilarious.
Those two little rascals!

Also I gave you a blog award, you can pick it up on my blog.

sophiasa said...

LOL!!! oh goodness, thank you for that laugh! Those are the cutest little felons I have ever seen!!! Wow they are so smart these days aren't they??
Are those pants as incredibly comfy as they look?? They are perfect! I love the cardi with them

Brianna said...

I am laughing so hard right now... Life time of obedience should be the sentence for both parties with evidence photos show at suspect #2's grad, wedding and etc.....