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Monday, September 13, 2010

Up-Do Number Two

Purple Shirt- Joe Fresh
Dress- Self Made
Belt- Ardene
Tights- Winners
Shoes- Sears

Now that we are officially moving (the moving truck loads ALL my stuff away on Oct. 4) I have started to pack away more of my clothes.  While I was putting this dress into the box I realized that I really wanted to wear it I figured that out of all the things that I wanted to wear in the near future, but that I likely wouldn't want to wear more than once between now and moving, that I would set them aside and wear them within the next few days so that I could pack them up soon, but wouldn't regret that they were packed away. 
The funny thing about this outfit is that I got all dressed up...and then the only thing I did was go to the store to get milk....pathetic I know...and the sillyest of all is that I even did my hair up all fancy..haha

Thank you to Susie of Snappy-Q for the Blog Award.

Apparently I'm supposed to list 7 random things about myself...but I think I've already had to list some in the past...I guess I will make an attempt:

1. I got Married on 7/7/7...the only reason was that I wanted to get married on a Saturday in July...and that was the only one that worked out.

2.  I made my own wedding dress.  It can be seen in my very first post.

3.  In grade 7 my friends and I started a Girl Group (Band) called The Daisys, we were highly influenced by the Spice Girls...and I was the big bad bully of the group...I was horrible..I know

4.  I am not ashamed to admit that I still love The Spice Girls, and Backstreet Boys, but I never had a thing for NSync...JT was overrated, and possibly still is.

5.  I am obsessed with "Coupling" a British TV show introduced to me by Brianna.  It doesn't get any funnier than that!

6.  I am HORRIBLE at all sports.

7.  I played the Violin when I was younger...I don't read music, I play better by ear.

I don't know how many people I'm supposed to pass this on to...and I hate picking from my list blogs I read because I love them instead I am only going to pass it on to my Best Friend Brianna of Shoes Are My Muse because not only do I love her blog, but I love her as well!  (And I can say this because we are more than blog buddies, we're also "real life" I know for sure she's not a robot/alien like the rest of you..hehe)


Jodi said...

CUTE dress.. so funky.. it looks great on you (the fit and colors!!) and I love your updo.. I used to do that with my hair when it was longer and loved it...

sophiasa said...

I lOVE that dresss!! you made it?! It's awesome! I also really like your hair up like that.. It reminds me of Audrey Hepburn=)

Major props on playing violin by ear. That's a tough instrument to learn- very impressive!!

Taryn said...

Ahhh how dare you tell the whole blog world about "the daisies". We sure were...interesting back then haha. I love your hair and how good all the colors look on you. Congrats on the move but I wish you me and the girls could have gotten together this summer.

Melrose said...

your hair looks SO pretty today! I love it! And I love knowing its time to bust out the tights again!

Collette Osuna said...

LOVE the Mod looking styled it perfectly with the purple touches....really a great look...and of course the hair is a bonus!!
Love it:)

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shybiker said...

Colorful outfit and your hair looks great!

Cody, Amanda, Kade and Kianna said...

Love your hair like this too. I think its awesome :)

Kimberellie said...

wedding dress: wow. amazingly beautiful.

this dress: love it

playing by ear: so impressed

robot?: yes, actually I am

heart: Miss Furnellie

Snappy-Q said...

Ooh, we got married the same summer! But I definitely did not make my own wedding dress. Yours is gorgeous! I am so impressed.
Also, I really like your hair in this updo. Looks good.