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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Faux Fur Boot Cuff DIY

This season we have seen (faux) fur and shearling everywhere, which definitely excites me, but I didn't actually want to go out and buy some of these fur items knowing that trends don't stay forever (although I wish the fur trend would!!).  This DIY project shows you have to make your own removable faux fur/shearling boot cuffs that can be made to fit a variety of your boots.  The best thing about this DIY is how SUPER easy it is!!

Materials and Supplies Needed
-Faux Fur/Shearling approximately .3 meters or 12" of fabric (not the stuff in the trim section)
-Hooks & Eyes that match/blend in with the fur
-Hand Sewing Needle
-Thread to match
-Tailors Chalk


1.  Decide which boots you want your cuffs to fit.  I chose 2 comepletely different pairs, one a tall boot, and the other an ankle boot.  First I traced the top part of my tall boot where I wanted my cuff to cover.  Make sure the boot leg is as flat as possible.

2.  I then took my other pair of boots and held it over the cuff I just drew to make sure it would fit.  Notice that the ankle boot is being held up-side down...this is because the cuff is going to fit on the opposite way it does on the tall boot.

3.  Fold the cuff down the line that you had used as the front of both boots and trace out the cuff again so that it's mirror imaged from this line.  Add a 1.5cm (5/8") seam allowance around your pattern piece.  I did this so that I would have an overlap in the back seam, and so that I could fold down the top of the cuff if I wanted....basically it was to be extra sure than the cuff was large enough, and if adding the seam allowance makes it too big then you can always cut it down...but it's better to be too big than too small!!

4.  Cut out your pattern piece and wrap it around your boots to make sure your cuff will fit.

5.  If everything fits it's time to cut out your cuff!  Lay out your fur so the fur is face down.  Place your pattern piece down and trace around it with tailors need to trace the piece twice.

6.  Now you need to cut out around the lines...but be careful when you do this.  You don't want to actually cut through the fur, just the base that the fur is on, so to do this you have to make really small cuts with your scissors at the base of the might want to try this on a scrap of the fur first to make sure you're doing it right.  Basically if you're doing it right you will see fur below your cut line, if not your cut line will look "clean".

(This is how it should look)

7.  Hand sew three hooks onto the base side of the fur so they just barely poke over the edge of the fabric.

8.  On the opposite end of your cuff hand sew on a row of 3 loops onto the fur side of the cuff.  Where you sew these will depend on how much you need to over lap the cuff ends.  To figure this out wrap the cuff around your boots, and then draw a line with tailors chalk where the top edge (with the hooks sewn on) over laps the bottom.  Sew on your loops so that the "loop" edge just hits the line, and make sure the hooks line up perfectly with the hooks so that when you hook them together there's no gaps.
I made two rows of loops because the tall boots need a tighter cuff than my ankle boots.

9.  Repeat on the other cuff, but make it the mirror image of the first cuff.

10.  If your boots have straps that you want to loop through and around you can cut little slits in the fur as needed.  For my ankle boots I put on the cuff to see where the straps lined up, and pulled one of the straps through the opening where the hooks and loops attach, and then I just needed to cut one hole for the other strap.  I did this by marking the spot with tailors chalk and used a seam ripper to carefully cut open the slit (so I didn't cut through the fur, just the base).

All done!!  Now it's time to style these babies!!

On the tall boots.

On the ankle boots with the straps hidden

On the ankle boots with the straps out

And here is the inspiration for this project.

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Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

Could you be any more talented! These look AMAZING! Great job!

Ruchi said...

Genius! They look so cute.

Kastles said...

Great idea! Very relevant, I love it! Looks cute! Have a happy Halloween!

406 Olivia said...

LOVE IT! I saw this and immediately wondered how i would look in shearling, then scrolled down and saw you did that too! So cute! I especially love it with the belt!

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

Genius. Think I might have to decide if any of my boots are suitable for a conversion.

minnja said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!


Daphne said...

This now is my favorite DIY projects you have posted so far. So very clever. Love especially the ankle boots. Have to send this to my mom who has the talent to actually follow your instructions.

Kelly said...

Love these!!! They look so expensive!

angie said...

Great idea!So very clever!

Sharon said...

Hi Natasha.... like your blog! Would it work to use velcro strips instead of eyes and hooks?? Like your ideas.

ByeByeSoccerMom said...

you did not!!!!!
that looks ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!!!!!!! you should enter this to some DIY competition or something! I absolutely LOVE what you did!!! You rock.

Riechan said...

really cool! Now onto finding some fur :D

Keep Calm & Do It Yourself said...

this is such a fantastic idea! I'm so following you :)

Linley said...

LOVE this DIY! thanks for sharing! (:

carlyjcais said...

This DIY is just awesome!!
Honestly, so cool, and your results look just perfect:-)
Thanks for leaving me the link, and your sweet comment on my blog!

Amber Randell said...

This makes me want to move to a state where it actually gets cold and snows, just so i could wear those boots. Great DIY...

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NanyBrazilian said...

love it!!! where are your ankle boots from??? they are super cute specially with the fur..